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Bronze Age

The Bronze Age Historical Period

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Bronze Age

What was the Bronze Age? Describe in detail.

The Bronze age is a historical period that is characterized by beginning the usage of bronze, proto-writing and other features of the urban civilization.  It is the second principal period in the three-age stone –Bronze Iron system which has been proposed by Christian Jurgensen Thomsen in the modern age.  It is for classifying and studying the ancient societies.  The ancient civilization is well-defined for being in the Bronze age through the production of bronze and smelting the own copper, tin alloying, arsenic and other types of metals. It is through trading for the bronze out of the production areas somewhere else.  The metal bronze is itself harder and more durable than other types of metals existing. It has allowed bronze to become beneficial towards the technological advantages.  

The copper-tin ores are also rare and it is reflected in tin –bronzes in the Western Asia before the trades in bronze that began in the third millennium BC.  The Bronze age follows the Neolithic period where Chalcolithic functions as a transition.  In the iron age, that is followed by the Iron age, some areas are there such as the Sub-Saharan Africa that began as early in 2500 BC.  The cultures of Bronze age differed in the development of the primary writing.  As per the archaeological evidence, the Mesopotamian culture and the cultures of Egypt developed the primary viable writing systems.  The entire period is characterized by a wide use of bronze although the place and time of bronze was not universally synchronous.  The bronze technology that was human –made needs a particular set of production.  Tin should be smelted and mined properly and separately and added with the molten copper for making bronze alloy.

The bronze-age was a time when metals and the trade networks developed. A current report suggests that the tin-alloy bronze date in the 5th millennium BC at Serbia.  However, this culture is not properly and conventionally considered as the parts of Bronze age.  During the pre-bronze age man used the stone or the non-metal implements such as the archaeological artifacts made of flint and obsidian. It is the age which is beginning of an era that made people use metal weapons and tools. The first part of the Bronze age is considered to be the Calcolithic age that refers to the use  of copper and stone tools.  By the 6500 BC, Calcolithic age, Copper was called Anatolia.  After the Bronze age, the Iron age began and considerably, iron was rare.  The classical anriquty completely falls within the Iron age. The early writing systems have been developed in the early period.  The Bronze age refers to a dominant tool material but there are other pieces too of the archaeological evidence which connects people with a certain period. It is when the pottery remains and burial practices. It is rather the age when the humans began working with the metals. The Bronze tools along with the weapons replaced the stone versions. Humans also included the first writing systems along with the invention of the wheel. 

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