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The Profile of Bast

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Briefly describe the profile of Bast.

Egyptians used to treat their gods as the most important parts of their life. They considered the gods as the most important part of their lifestyle. They considered being one of the most important parts of leading a good life. The animals in Egypt was also considered as the most important factor in society. The Egyptians considered animals as an important part of their life. Hence, some gods are in the name of the animals as well as the animals are being treated like gods in Egyptian society. Hence, the Bast is a cat, which is being treated like the Goddess of protection.

The bast looks like a cat. It is a statue of a cat that is being worshipped by the Egyptians. It is considered as the goddess of protection. The cats are being treated as the goddess of the cat. Hence, it is a statue that looks like a cat. She was the daughter of Ra as well as a worrier. Ra has sent her to fight his archenemy Apep. She was worshipped as the goddess of protection as she was the protector of the pharaoh. She was the defender after Shekhet, who was the lioness and consequently the chief god of Ra.

She has several names like Bastet, Ubasti and Pasch. The people of Egypt have worshipped Bast since the second dynasty of Ancient Egypt. Bubastis in Greek is the Pre-Bast, which is the centre of her cult. She was considered as the God of protection as she was the protectionist of Lower Egypt. Hence, the idol is the idol of a lion. The meaning of her name is a devourer. Some aspects were considered while treating her as the goddess of protection as well as the goddess of protection.

She was not only considered as the Goddess of protection and the Goddess of Cat but also the Goddess of Perfume. She was considered to be the goddess of well being. In the later times, she became the goddess of protection as well as the God of blessing. She was worshiped to protect the women, children and cats. She was also worshipped as the Goddess of music, dance, pleasure and sunrise. She was considered for birth, fertility and family. As Anubis became the God of embalming, she was considered as his wife or mother as the Goddess of ointment.

Bast was considered as the Goddess of perfume as the lower Egypt lost the war with upper Egypt. She was then in the Middle Kingdom Egypt as the domestic cat. Cats are tender and protective towards the offspring. The Egyptians worshipped her for the safety of the family and health of the children and family. The Egyptians believed that Bast is one of the most powerful Goddesses that has the power to change the destiny of the people and their family. Hence, the people of Egypt believed that worshipping Bast would bring happiness in the family.

Procession of Bastet is the practice of worshipping Bast. The festival was celebrated at the time of April and May. It is the largest celebrated festival in Egypt. Over 700,000 people in Egypt celebrates Procession of Bastet. People in Egypt are very excited about the period of worshipping Bast. In the festival of worshipping Bast, people sailboats in the Nile and is celebrated as one of the brightest festivals in Egypt. Hence, Egyptians stay excited to witness the Procession of Bastet throughout the year to celebrate the festival.  It is one of the famous festivals in Egypt.

The Egyptians worshipped her and provided her with several jewels. She was also the goddess of dancing and singing. Hence, the Egyptians provided her with several ornaments and with several other offerings. The ornaments that were being provided to the Bast was made of silver, gold, and platinum. Hence, Bast was worshipped with great love and respect. The people thought out the year was very excited to celebrate the occasion. Everyone in society comes together to celebrate the festival in society. The Bast is being worshipped in the temple and several offerings are being provided to the Goddess.

The festival would be with the sacrifice of Bastet. The worship takes place in a raised ground wherein various people of the society who will be accommodating in the area to worship the goddess and to prise her to provide the people of the society with health, love and family. Hence, it can be concluded that the people of Egypt are very excited with the worshipping of the Bast and live a happy life of the people. The praising of the Bast will help in improving the family life of the people. 

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