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Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay and Its Format

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Argumentative Essay

The discussion essay is a genre in which the student must investigate the subject; gather, produce and evaluate evidence; and position himself briefly on the topic. In first-year writing or advanced compositional courses, the argumentative essay is commonly designated as a capstone or final project and involves extensive, detailed research. Extensive literature or previously published materials are generally needed for argumentative essay assignments. Argumentative tasks can also include observational studies in which students collect information through interviews, surveys, observations, or experiments. Detailed investigation allows the student to know the subject.

Irrespective of the quantity or method of study, argumentative studies must establish a specific concept and obey sound reasons. Students will set the context through a general analysis of the subject in the first paragraph of an argument paper. The author should next clarify why the subject is relevant (requirement) or why the topic should affect readers. Finally, the thesis statement should be sent to students. To follow the guidelines set out in the task, the thesis statement needs to be sufficiently decreased. If this portion of the essay is not mastered by the student, an effective or convincing essay would be quite difficult.

The mortar which covers the basics of the essay is a transition. The reader can not follow the argument of the essay without a logical progression of thought, and the organization will collapse. Transitions should complete the idea from the previous section and give the following idea. Each paragraph should be limited to one general idea being discussed. This will provide clarification and guidance during the entire essay. Furthermore, this descriptive style makes it easier for the viewer to understand. It is worth noting that the thesis statement in the opening paragraph should be connected logically to every paragraph in the essay.

In certain paragraphs, evidence collected during the study will directly support the thesis statement. The way and why this evidence supports the argument must also be clarified. However, argumentative essays should take different views on the subject into account and explain them. The students will devote one or two paragraphs of an essay to address contrasting views on the subject, depending on the duration of the study. Instead of discussing how these differences of opinion are wrong, students will note how they may not be aware of out of date with views that do not agree with their study.

To support the thesis statement and consider other points of view, the argumentative article needs well-informed, concise, accurate and current information. The argument should be backed by certain empirical, logical, statistical or anecdotal evidence. However, when collecting evidence, students should consider several points of view. A good and well-rounded discussion essay will also address opinions which do not suit this article, as mentioned above. Evidence not supportive of the argument cannot be ethically omitted. It is not the job of the student to indicate how other positions are wrong but to explain how other positions may not be well informed about the topic.

Discuss Its Format in Detail

A good argumentative essay contains six distinct elements. These are thesis, personal background, historical background, common ground, definitions and arguments. The thesis should be straightforward, arguing and, where possible, qualified. Be cautious to generalize "all" or "none" because it is difficult to support such generalizations. A thesis statement traditionally consists of one sentence and is last presented in the introduction. This is the most important phrase in the article because it defines your topic and your position.

Personal background explains why the writer has discussed the issue. Historical background explains why the problem is important or interesting to the author. To communicate an argument more effectively, writers must make historical facts of the matter a context for this argument. Common ground is things that both sides agree on; the recognition of these promotes goodwill between the writer and the reader and removes disputes that have already been agreed between the two sides. For the average reader to understand, writers need to describe popular or technical words used in an article. A term may be defined through the description, a synonym or an example.

Arguments opposing the thesis should be expressed and explained in the manner accepted by opponents (the readers). Generally, the author should respond by conceding, refuting or clarifying arguments that conflict with the thesis of the writer by one of three means. The arguments supporting the thesis must include explanations and evidence to support the thesis. In general, it is important to save the most compelling and most advanced arguments.

Suitable Examples

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