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Angle of Measure 0°

Complete Angle With Rotation

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Angle of Measure 0°

Question: An angle of measure 0° is called-

(a) a complete angle 
(b) a right angle 
(c) a straight angle 
(d) None of these


Complete angle: A complete angle can be represented as a 360 degree. An angle of 360 degrees is formed with the rotation on a straight line by reaching an initiation point of the line. The complete rotation for the formation of an angle depicts the concept, a complete angle.

A complete angle is represented by:Right angle: The angle, which represents 90 degrees, or perpendicular angle in trigonometry or geometry is known as a right angle. The right angles can be identified when in a specific ray; the line includes the presence of an endpoint with equal adjacent angles. Perpendicular lines are the associated concepts of the right angle.

A right angle can be demonstrated as:Straight angle- 180° represents a straight angle. 180° is also used as the term for depicting a complete change of direction, idea or mind.

From the understanding of all the angles, it can be concluded that 0° does not relate to any of these angles. Therefore, the angle of measure 0° will not be termed a straight angle, a complete angle or a right angle, which indicates the correct answer to be (D) None of these. 

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