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Acidic Neutral

The Form of Acidic Neutral or Basic

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Acidic Neutral

Determine the pOH of a solution with the following, 8.3*10^- 7 M and classifying the solution in the form of acidic neutral or basic.

pOH and pH values in a chemical compound or solution indicate the rate of negative log in the hydroxide and hydrogen ion concentration. If the pH value is greater than 7, then the solution is basic and if the pH value is greater than 7 then the solution is basic. The value equal to 7 indicates a neutral solution. pOH reflects the measure or calculation of the OH ion rate in a solution. pOH value helps in determining the nature of a chemical solution. Another term which associates with the conception of acidic and basic is alkalinity. Water’s capacity in restricting or regulating the rate of pH value frames the conception of alkalinity. Alkalinity demonstrates the ability of strengthening of the buffer solution, where the buffer solution is constructed with conjugate bases and weak acids.

The solutions with greater association with hydrogen ions in comparison with water are known as an acidic solution. Solutions with lower hydrogen concentration are known as the basic solution. The classification of chemical solutions or compound is facilitated by determining the value of pH or pOH. The value close to the number 0 in pH scale, the solution is more acidic. The concept of pH value represents exponential value, which results in the decrease in the pH value ten times faster rate of acidity. There are various forms of acidic solutions including corrosion, food items and bodily function. The basic solution contains more rates of OH- ions in comparison to H+ ions. The chemical solution with more value than 7 reflects the property of bases. Some of the instances of basic solutions are detergent, soaps dissolved with water and solution associated with potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and sodium hydroxide.

The information that is not present in this question is the name of the concerned variable, where the concentration of the equation is 8.3*10^- 7 M. Due to the missing variable, there can be two rational potentialities:

1. [H+] = [H3O+]
2. [OH-]
In case 1, 
[H+] = [H3O+] 
= 8.3*10^- 7 M
=> pH= log {1/[H+]} 
=> pH = log{1/8.3 * 10^ - 7)}
=> pH = 6.08
=> pOH = 14 – 6.08 
=> pOH= 7.92

Therefore, the solution can be considered as acidic with pH is less than 7, which makes the solution acidic.

In the case 2,

[OH-] = 8.3 * 10^ - 7
=> pOH = log {1/[OH-]} 
=> pOH= log {1/(8.3 * 10^ -7)}
=> pOH = 6.08
=> pH = 14 – 6.08 = 7.92

Therefore, the solution reflects the characteristics of a base as the pH value is greater than 7, which the solution basic.

From the calculation, it can be understood that both the cases reflect different natures of the solution in terms of the nature of pH value. The categorization of the chemical solution is facilitated based on the value of pH or pOH values. 

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