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THEATRST 202S Performance Studies

Published : 07-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Write about the "Choreographies of Protest" ?


Author’s Name: ‘choreographies of protest’ was published by Susan Leigh Foster in the theatre journal in the year 2003, at the John Hopkins Press.


The passage generally talks about the public protest in the shopping malls as a result of public protests. This is aimed at giving a demonstration of the roles played by physicality in coming up with sociality and individual sociality. Moreover, the manner in which the World Trade Organizations protested in the Seattle have been highlighted (Foster 2003). Although these protests share a social grass root profile, they are targeting to address a certain issue which is associated with social injustices. Although the author indicates that there is no charismatic leader who can be found, finally each of these protests yields good fruits. For example, the author gives a case whereby a discrepancy existed between the practices of the participants in a space and the ostensible governing laws for the public spaces. Therefore the protests began because the civil rights movements were able to realize that there was a big difference between the use of public facilities and social practices. Concerning the HIV AIDS protests, the author states that the protests were as a result of the funding policies and the humanitarian concerns, due to the nature of this disease. When considering the World Trade Organization at the Seattle, this was to address the concerns of different populations globally depending on the way this organization was carrying out its operations (Klein, 2017). Some of the issues that were addressed by the World Trade Organization protests included gender equality segregations, effects of trade rules on various populations, human labor rights and ecological conservation.


The main goal for this paper was to make a detailed probe into the general collectivity which is brought up by the bodies which are holding protests. This thesis also aims tat indicating the violence that two bodies go through, in addition to the defense to the status quo. Having considered the ways in which the articulate choices are arrived at by the protesting bodies through reading of other protesting bodies, the author of this article aimed at framing a different and unique perspective based on collection actions and individual agencies so that the bodies can be cast to enable the people to work and co-exists together and finally come up with a better society (Soreanu, 2014). By use of non violent examples, the author has instilled hope among the protesting people by contributing to the discussion of social events. This achieved the aim of demonstrating that dance has some forms of social theories. In this section, the author gives an analogy of the way some black customers entered in hotels and they failed to be served due to their race.


The disciplines required for the argument construction are peace, history and economies. This is because the author begins by addressing the problems that is the protests as well as the ways to block them.

Disciplinary background of author 

The author seems to be trained in history, peace and security. This is because the author clearly presents the historical events which occurred back those days of racial segregating all the way on which they came up with abnormalities (Klein, 2014). By use of the DAN model, the progress so far is remarkable as evinced by the embracement of the media. In this article, it is indicated that as time goes well, the photographers and videographers are embraced more and more to create togetherness. An example is the fact that the lunch counter protests is indicative of the social force violation, the World Trade Organization protests understood the ideas of what was needed.

Keywords: the key terms are the major words which make meaning to a statement. The key terms used are the search of technical terms such as protests, media and racial segregation.

Theoretical Summary

This article clearly covers into details the effects of protests and racial discrimination on racial basis/. The association among the various aspects is indicated in the article. However it is important that the work is not too much. Moreover, there should be statistical data concerning the situation at the moment.


Foster, S. L. (2003). Choreographies of protest. Theatre Journal, 55(3), 395-412.

Klein, G. (2017). Urban Choreographies. The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics, 131.

Klein, K. (2014). Disrupting the flow: Still-activism redirecting neo-liberal capitalism. Choreographic Practices, 5(2), 211-227.

Soreanu, R. (2014). Death, gold and the square: rhythm-analysis in a time of protests. Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai-Sociologia, 59(2), 115-136.

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