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PUR3622 Social Media Management

Published : 27-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


What message or agenda are each conveying to followers?
Discuss three (3) themes for each official. (for example: economy, environment, guns)

Are they consistent with whats on their official government pages?

Do these elected leaders have any more personal or social responsibility to the citizens and residents of the USA than the average Facebook or Twitter user? Why?

If you were the social media advisor to each man, what would suggest for each? Based upon your best practices, are they doing it right? What can each do to try to reach out beyond their base of supporters/followers?
How would you distinguish between what is truth v what are lies?



Social media is indeed a great forum for the elected leaders to communicate with the citizens and residents of USA. All age groups use it and information circulation is more efficient, fast and cheap than the traditional mode like newspaper. They can convey their message or even seek for public opinion where required through social medias.

Best Practices

Social media as a medium to communicate can easily go wrong for the leaders if they post any unfiltered thoughts in their social media page. Hence, guideline is required for controlling the use and practise the use judiciously. Here are some best way to use social media by the leaders of USA:

  • Ensure the correct timing of the post and its accuracy
  • Consider the importance of their post as an official press release
  • Should filter their post by editing
  • Follow the guideline of social media utilization proposed by the states
  • Never let an intern handle the account
  • Receive training before using
  • Only put the news that are important and restrict from posting unfiltered emotions
  • Restrict the use to the computer (Bergal).

Donald Trump’s Social Media Messages


Repeatedly posted his agendas of reforming the tax policies on twitter of USA by cutting down the tax for the middle class to provide them competitive advantage and ensure more job for his fellow citizens (Twitter.Com).

Dates – 20th Oct, 29th Oct, 18th Oct and previous (twitter).


Demolishing the threat of ISIS by destroying them form the route (Twitter.Com).

Dates – 20th Oct (twitter).


Trump in his twitter page constantly making the public aware about the fake news communicated by various news channels and newspapers (Twitter.Com).

Dates – 20th Oct, 17th Oct, 13th Oct and previous (twitter).

Mike Pence’s Social Media Messages

Pence is less frequent with his social media pages than Trump. Howevr, his presence is prominent and communicate legitimate agendas.


Promotes the decision of Trump in the tax reduction for the working families to help them start small business (Twitter.Com; Facebook.Com).

Dates – 18th Oct (facebook), 14th Oct (twitter).

Natural Disaster – Conveys the message of his visit at Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico after the recent Hurricane to reflect his sympathy (Facebook.Com).

Dates – 7th Oct, 6th Oct (facebook)

Vice President Pence’s words over the social media for the last two weeks were limited to above-mentioned issues.

Consistency of the President

A level of consistency is visible in case of Donald Trump. He committed to reform the economic structure and growth of the nation. He is until the date following his primary agenda, which is reflected by this recent, updates about the tax reformation. However, he addresses some additional agendas like destroying ISIS (Whitehouse.Gov).


Authenticity of the posts can only be judged by the thorough investigation for the made comment on news.


Trump should filter his posts more accurately conveying the results instead of promises that are hard to foresee. Pence on the other hand should increase his use of social media and address the progress of the government and the agendas undertaken.


The leaders should use social media more legitimately conveying only the news to the citizens and the agendas undertaken by the government. Some clues should also be given along with the agendas to support the authenticity of their words.


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