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PHI 4363 Philosophy and Medicine

Published : 14-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Discuss the similarities and differences between the philosophies of wellness presented this week. Discuss how they relate to the concept of wellness and how they relate to specific challenges or supports for wellness, and how learning about different philosophies may have influenced your own conceptualization of wellness.


Similarities of the medicine techniques

Greek, Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic philosophical medicine have commonalities in the way they are practised and administered. They offer the best alternative in harmonizing the health of the individual in order to assess the universal forces of nature. Ayurvedic medicinal approach has a humorally and constitutionally based approach while the Chinese medicine and Greek medicine seeks to balance a homeostasis balance of complementing each other.

Greek medicine has its basis in which the modern medicine is exhibited and forms the fundamental assumptions and orientations that guide the development of modern medicine. Ayurvedic medicine provides the interconnection of people, health and the universe which it bridges on the contribution of the body. Physicist often prescribes medicine based on the herbs, ingredients, diets and exercise. Traditional Chinese medicine on the other hand views the human body as a miniature version of the universe. The two opposing forces refer to as yan and yang complements each other. The Tibetan medicine, shows the interrelationship of the five elements and the mind which comes in the forms of energy and mind. They form part of the principles which form the basis of harmony and positive health.

Differences in these three medicine approaches

Greek medicine

Ayurvedic medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine

Tibetan medicine

- It is the basis of the modern day medical approaches, its orientations have led to the development of modern day medicine

-Has the potentiality of being toxic levels, compounded with limited study done

-Safety concerns have been raised with its usage across countries like US

-Considers the mind to be the basis of all medical ailment

Influence of conceptualization of wellness

The ever-changing climatic conditions around the globe are posing a threat to the health state of human beings around the world. People around the world are continuously searching for natural medicines which inform on these four philosophies. This resonance and their importance have largely been anticipated in this current state. The need for maintaining high level of wellness is crucial for healthy life. Our wellness matters as our emotions relates to our well being. Thus it is important for attainment of optimal wellness which reduces stress and risk of illness, and the only viable way to access to this state of health is return to our natural medicine of our own nature which is propagated by these four medicine philosophies.


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