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NUTR 386 Managing Quality in Food and Nutrition Services

Published : 07-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


The program is ways to enhance children’s activity and nutrition (wecan!) program that Initiative designed to give parents, caregivers, and entire communities a way to help children ages 8–13 years stay at a healthy weight.

Write a review of the intervention for the which describes how the intervention content is appropriate/inappropriate for the audience based on your working knowledge of the needs of the audience. 


Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition (WeCan) Program is an initiative, which has been designed to help people take care of the young children between the age of eight to thirteen years in the society lead and maintain a healthy weight. These people are parents, caregivers as well as the whole community at large.

The content available in this intervention is appropriate for the audience receiving it, the parents, and the caregivers. The audience needs to be provided with strategies and means to help their children lead and maintain a healthy weight. The program provides information like nutrition strategies and physical activity strategies, which are relevant for different areas where children are likely to be involved or affected. The strategies to be used in schools, the community, helping families, child care and the social marketing or the media (Eldredge, Markham, Kok & Parcel, 2016).

The materials provided in the interventions are very clear for everyone taking care of a child’s health to understand. The steps towards achieving a healthy weight for children are clearly stated. The information provided is also complete in that one hardly fails to achieve their goals once they choose to follow this program. The information provided is user-friendly as well. There are no complex formulas suggested to parents who want to help their children maintain a healthy weight as well the community at large for example the social media (Cluss, Lorigan, Kinsky, Nikolajski & Bhat, 2016).  

I commend the ‘WeCan!’ program for its noble initiative to help young children maintain a healthy weight, as this helps prevent chronic diseases that are caused by obesity like heart disease and some cancers. The program is easy to use and the information provided is up to date. However, I recommend that the program is provided to all people even those who do not have access to the information. I also recommend a more practical approach towards this program, for example, create days where parents and the community, as well as the children themselves, are taught on how to maintain a healthy weight.


Cluss, P., Lorigan, D., Kinsky, S., Nikolajski, & Bhat, K. B. (2016). School-Based Health Promotion Initiative Increases Children's Physical Activity. American Journal of Health Education, 47(6), 343-354.

Eldredge, L. K. B., Markham, C. M., Kok, G., & Parcel, G. S. (2016). Planning health promotion programs: an intervention mapping approach. John Wiley & Sons. 55(11), 65- 78

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