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NUR 302 Nursing

Published : 14-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Problem Statement                                                

Enter Information Here

Title concise, informative, yet compelling                                                                     


The Effect of a Weekly Support Group on Suicide Risk among Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and/or Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Veterans with PTSD


Indicates scope and importance                (remember to include a direct sentence stating "The problem is......." as a part of your problem statement paragraph(s).  )                 


Significance to nursing described                                    


Background (Oriented reader to what is known about the topic)                                                                                 


Nursing Theory foundation for proposed research



Clearly articulated purpose of proposed research.  Include a direct sentence:  “ The purpose of the study is…..”                   

Includes original research question


References: At least 5 scholarly sources    




Problem Statement

Enter Information Here

Title concise, informative, yet compelling                                                                     

Impact of counselling and stress reduction classes on burnout of nurses in clinical settings 

Indicates scope and importance               

The problem is that nursing burnout is a key driving factor for poor care service delivery to patients. Nursing burnout is compelling increasing number of nurses to leave their professiona. As a result, there is an urgent need of identifying a suitable intervention against the issue (Henry, 2014). In 2007, an estimated 500,000 RNs in the U.S. alone were not practicing in their profession because of challenging working conditions caused by burnouts due to long working conditions and poor staffing (Holdren, 2015).

Significance to nursing described                                    

Burnout is the psychological state that has the characteristics of emotional exhaustion, decreased perception of personal accomplishement and depersonalization. Burnout of nurses in clinical settings is the cause of increased financial costs pertaining to staff turnover and staff sickness. Burnout has been known to have unfavorable effects on patients, nurses, and healthcare organizations. As a result, reduced patient care quality can be experienced (Stewart & Terry, 2014). It has been noted that nurses have higher levels of burnout and occupational stress in comparison to other clinical professions. The observation is critical since there exists a correlation between burnout, decreased job satisfaction and patient distress. Since nursing is a profession in which high stress levels are common, individuals are deterred from becoming nurses or are forced to leave the profession untimely during their practice (Kinman & Grant, 2011).

Background (Oriented reader to what is known about the topic)                                                                                 

According to Stewart and Terry (2014) counseling is the prime interventional approach for combating nursing burnout in diverse clinical settings. Counselors, mainly senior nurses, can play a vital role in motivating the nurses who are at risk of facing burnout and encourage them to adhere to their profession in light of the positive aspects related to it. Education about the causes of burnout can be imparted to the nurses through the counseling sessions, that can act as the driving factor behind longer working tenure.

As opined by Nowrouzi et al., (2015) stress management interventions are crucial for addressing the psychological distress and  illness caused due to nature of work. Stress reduction class is a significant form of therapeutic approach that has been found to be effective for retaining workers and reducing barriers in heathcare settings. Stress reduction classes can be held up by thr organization, in collaboration with external agencies, who can provide the much needed support and assistance for reducing the detrimental effect of nurse burnout.

Nursing Theory foundation for proposed research


The nursing research encompassing nurse burnout and its intervention is related to grounded theory, as it is embedded in the emotional and subjective nature of care, coping and stress. The qualitative paradigm linked with the theory has its emphasis on understanding the factors that modify the responses of the nurses against their burnout (Jackson, 2015).

Clearly articulated purpose of proposed research.


The research problem for the proposed theory is “Does counseling and stress reduction classes have a positive impact in reducing levels of nurse burnout in clinical settings?”

The hypothesis set is that proper cousnelling and participation of stress reduction classes is effective in reducing nurse burnout to a considerable extent.

References: At least 5 scholarly sources                                                                                               


Henry, B. J. (2014). Nursing burnout interventions: What is being done?. Clinical journal of oncology nursing, 18(2), 211.

Holdren, P., & Coustasse, A. (2015). Burnout syndrome in hospital nurses.

Jackson, J. (2015). Managing Exposure: A Grounded Theory of Burnout and Resilience in Critical Care Nurses.

Kinman G., & Grant L. (2011) Exploring stress resilience in trainee social workers: the role of emotional and social competencies. British Journal of Social Work. 41(2), 261-275.

Nowrouzi, B., Lightfoot, N., Larivière, M., Carter, L., Rukholm, E., Schinke, R., & Belanger-Gardner, D. (2015). Occupational stress management and burnout interventions in nursing and their implications for healthy work environments: a literature review. Workplace health & safety, 63(7), 308-315.

Stewart, W., & Terry, L. (2014). Reducing burnout in nurses and care workers in secure settings. Nursing Standard, 28(34), 37-45.

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