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NUR 2650 Transcultural Communications in Healthcare

Published : 01-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Healthcare Needs of a Specific Minority Group.
Describe the healthcare needs of a minority group in your city or town.

Briefly describe the characteristics of the minority group.

What opportunities do you see for improving the health of this group?

How would you communicate their healthcare needs to people of authority? Use titles instead of names to identify these individuals.

What is the role of the BSN-prepared nurse in enhancing communication skills related to cultural needs of this minority population?


The need of the healthcare for the minority people in Florida is significant. Florida experiences extensive caste and race discrimination. The minority groups of people are devoid of any type of medical attention due to the presence of racial discrimination. The health care requirement for them is also mandate in the state of Florida.

The Characteristics of Minority groups are:

Traits present in Physical and Cultural: There are some different physical and cultural differences from the majority group. The physical characteristics such as color of the skin and the cultural distinctions are rare and are being associated between the antagonism groups.

 Ascribed Status: The membership is not voluntary in the minority group. Race, ethnicity and gender are the ascribed status.

Subordination: The minority groups are subordinate to the majority group in the field of power distribution in rural areas. The minority group members have less power and do not have high respect and prestige in the society (Kenya et al., 2014). They also have abided by the values, patterns of culture and norms of the majority group.

The opportunities for the health care needs of the minority groups could be increased by decreasing the cost of health check up, decreasing the disparities in the fields of health care needs, increasing the good behavior and developing evidence based program on the prevention programs.

The need of the healthcare could be communicated to the authority with the help of good communication skills and the authority should be made understood about the needs of their health care. The name should be sent by the titles. The case history of the minor group patient should be sent to the authority.

BSN are needed for enhancing cultural requirements of the minority people as they are well trained and has the potential to improve health qualities by decreasing the disparities in health sector for them (Booker & Schemel, 2015). They are also engaged in evaluation and can work effectively in the context of culture.


Booker, C. A., & Sehmel, A. D. (2015). Safe and Sound: A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of a Sigma Theta Tau International Membership-Based Mentoring Program on Job Satisfaction and Intention-to-Stay in New BSN-Prepared Nurses.

Kenya, S., Lebron, C., Arrechea, E. R., & Li, H. (2014). Glucometer use and glycemic control among Hispanic patients with diabetes in Southern Florida. Clinical therapeutics, 36(4), 485-493.

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