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MGMT230 Principles of Management

Published : 20-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Based upon information obtained through this course in conjunction with previous courses; analyze. your own personal strengths and areas of improvement as it pertains to a managerial role. Write at Your paper should include the following:
1. A self analysis of your strengths and areas of improvement.
2. An example of a situation highlighting your strengths.
3. An area that you need to improve upon and a situation that brought that area to your attention.
4. A personal development plan. Explain how you will develop areas of improvement and how to increase your strengths.


Management analysis

Management is a broad term that can take a lot of terms and instances to explain. Considering that, we can generally and collective define management as that action that pertains conducting supervision of an activity or something. Management is a skill gained from classwork cannot be related to inborn subject or talent comparable. Management can be practiced in a variety of fields ranging from business, departmental management, sports and team management, learning center management to government institution management. Management can also be termed as the act of making decisions concerning something and for this case, managers can be termed as the people who look after something and also concern themselves with decisions concerning the subject of concern. It has taken me more than four years to be accredited the degree in management and also to be given all the powers and authority to practice all managerial role.

The study of the course in conjunction with other similar and bridging courses has helped me to be a good manager and play my roles effectively. In this essay, I will elaborate and analyze some of my strengths and areas of improvement as it pertains to a managerial role. This study and analysis shall also cover a personal life experience example of a situation that is symbolic of these personal strengths. Moreover, it shall also point out on areas that need to be improved upon and reasons and situations that made me to discover this.

Self-analysis of the strength and areas of improvement


As a manager, I have come across several situations that in one way and or different ways have left me with different experiences and for this case left me appreciating my personal efforts considering how I have managed to handle the situation. I can collectively term these as my personal strengths. Some of the strengths that I have discovered are:

  • Planning

Planning is the process creatively organizing activities after thinking of the desired results and goals. Planning entails plan maintenance like for instance psychological aspects that critically need skills. Planning is one of the key requirements for a successful manager. As a manager, I have been planning for activities and all that is expected of me. The reason why I plan is to get results that are focused. From the time I started practicing as a manager, I have noticed that anytime time I conduct my activities without a strategy and a good plan I end up failing and getting less than what was expecting. From the knowledge I got after studying management, I have been able to achieve lots of aimed results simply because I consider as a key element of a successful manager. Therefore, I can term planning as one of my strengths. 

  • Optimism

Optimism is a virtue and a quality that is not only important to managers but also to anyone aiming and expecting results. Optimism refers that feeling of hopefulness and the self-confidence in the positivity that things are going to be as per your plan in the future. It’s been having the positive thought concerning the successful outcome of something. This is one of the virtues that I learned from the school of the management that having confidence in what you’re doing and being positive that it will work out to positive results can make you achieve a lot as a manager. I started practicing the same and now it has become part and parcel of me. Every time I plan on my objectives, I am always optimistic that after the planned time frame I will achieve my desired results and therefore have confidently been setting targets for me and at the end, I have been meeting a good percentage of them.

  • Confident decision making

These can be defined as the virtue and ability to make wise and appropriate decision with no fear of failing to achieve. The management studies that I undertook have enabled me .every person aiming at certain goal be it studies, business, organizational profit, has to make some decisions. Taking a personal example as a manager graduate and credit manager in a small SACCO, I come across many scenarios that need me to be confident in the kind of decision I am going to make since it will affect both me and the organization in an either positive or negative manner. I am always quick to make wise decisions and can easily predict the consequences of any decision made. Some of the decisions I often make range from ways of saving organization time, money and also public humiliation. As a fast and confident decision maker, I am bold and courageous and know how to tackle this situation to avoid it being confused with dictatorship. ("Confident Decision Making", 2017)

An example of the situation was a time back in university moments when together with a few friends started a sort of small-sized financial group which we could not call society or a SACCO. After a periodic consultation with experienced loaning personnel, I being the owner idea, with the help of other members designed a time plan and the schedule of activities we need to do. There was a challenge of starting capital and I confidently could see that we could approach some few known well-established politicians who could grant us a cheap capital loan that we could pay after establishing ourselves firmly. We took a step towards this and we hopefully got the finances and started lending medium loan facilities to fellow students and formulated on ways in which we could recover our funds in case the loaned students defaulted our loans. The use of the above-discussed virtues of a good manager really helped us.

Areas of improvements

  • Needing to be liked

No managers need their staff individuals to abhor them, however, as a manager; my top need isn't to make companions with my group. Pioneers are individuals in the first place, and it's regular that they need to be enjoyed; however, they should be in everyone’s great support and can now and again cloud strong business judgment.

"A typical slip-up with us as new administrators and new entrepreneurs is that we settle on choices that are prominent, which are frequently not the best choices for the business," "Leaders need to at times settle on disagreeable choices. That goes with the job. Representatives can't place themselves in the pioneer's shoes and don't have the point of view that the Pioneer has. Thusly, if a pioneer settles on a disagreeable choice and does not set aside the opportunity to disclose it to workers, the representatives will hop to the wrong decision about their inspirations."

Personal development plan

Rather than attempting to be very much loved among your workers, I have set out to look for rather be comprehended and respected have likewise observed it better to figure out how to impart straightforwardly and oftentimes with my group, and dependably keep staff individuals in circle about the explanation for any choices, well known or not.


"The best managers have discovered that on the off chance that they settle on the correct choices for their business, regardless of the possibility that disagreeable, and furthermore set aside the opportunity to clarify their thinking, they will win the regard of their workers.


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