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HST202 United States History

Published : 13-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Options 1: Bibliography of Sources 

Create a bibliography of sources you plan to use for your Portfolio Project (read the full description of the Portfolio Project options in the Module 8 folder). You should have at least five sources—one of which must be a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article to support your paper.
Please annotate each source with that explain why you chose the resource and how you will utilize it in your paper.
You are free to decide whether to use these sources in your final Portfolio Project paper or presentation  this draft is intended to be a starting point for your paper (much as you would gather the ingredients together for a cake before you start to bake).
Post your bibliography in the Portfolio Project thread on the Week 4 Discussion Board.

Include with your bibliography a paragraph explaining where you found your sources and any difficulties you continue to have with your project.


Sojourner Truth: A Feminist and a Civil Rights Activist -Annotated Bibliography

Filipovic, J. (2016, November 5). The Men Feminists Left Behind. Retrieved September 17, 2017, from The New York Times:

Choice of this specific source has been the emergence of relevance. While discussing about the impact of the feminist ideals of Sojourner Truth and men’s acceptance of women as the gradual change in the American society, the most relevant instance would perhaps be the acceptance of USA’s first female president.  Filipovic’s article in the New York Times has talked about the rise of the women over men through a continuous struggle for years. Hence, this has been important to have cited this source for the project.  

Gilbert, O. (1880). The Narrative of Sojourner Truth. Retrieved September 17, 2017, from A Celebration of Women Writers:

Being an itinerant preacher Sojourner Truth was highly effective in terms of changing the social milieu. Gilbert’s book has been effective and helpful to develop the project and comprehensive understanding of her lifestyle. I have chosen to cite this source because Gilbert had thorough research upon Truth and the book was highly authentic one to provide ample information about her life. The most important part of the book is that the narratives have been developed through critical conceptualization.

Halsall, P. (1997). Modern History Sourcebook:. Fordham: Fordham University.

The reason behind choosing this source and citing it is that Halsall has succinctly elucidated the concept of different time periods of American civilization. With the development of civilization there has been a clear demonstration of consideration of female and their social dignity.

Minister, M. (2012). Female, Black, and Able: Representations of Sojourner Truth and Theories of Embodiment. Disability Studies Quarterly, 32(1), 29-35.

The article written by Minister has focused on the American popular culture and the consideration of black feminism in the social discourse. I have opted to cite this source because it has discussed on the theories of embodiment. Since my project would deal with the theoretical perspectives, this specific theory would be helpful to clear my concept.

Painter, N. I. (1990). Sojourner Truth in Life and Memory: Writing the Biography of an American Exotic1. Gender & History, 2(1), 10-13

This paper by Painter has illustrated Sojourner Truth’s influence and impact upon civil war and her establishment of dignity as female American. Through this paper I have developed an idea of the distinction of existence of black men vs white women. It reminded me of Simon de Behavior’s thought process where it has been succinctly stated that black men are lower in strata from the white women who hold lower social status than white men. The black women have no identified dignity. Painter has clearly concentrated on the clash between sex and race.

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