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HRMT413 Employment and Labor Relations

Published : 07-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


1. Discuss why although the National Labor Relations Act gives employee certain rights, these rights are not unlimited.

2. Compare the steps companies may take to implement a positive human resources management program with principles of effective management


1.Discuss why although the National Labor Relations Act gives employee certain rights, these rights are not unlimited. 

The National Labor Relations At has given the opportunity of collective bargaining to the employees where they can fight for impairing efficiency, safety or operations for the instrumentalities of commerce but these rights are not unlimited. As pointed by Kearne and Mareschal, (2014), the bargaining power between the employee and the employer shows significant inequality. The well organized corporate bodies and other forms of ownership associations are found to burdened and affect the flow of commerce. This automatically leads to depressing wage rates. Moreover, the competitive wage rate and better working condition within the industry also seemed to aggravate (Kearney & Mareschal, 2014). The Act has also restricted the non-employee union to access the workplace. This has narrowed down the specificity of mutual aid and protection between the employee and employer.

As commented by Battin, (2017), employers have been found to use the method of transferring or closing a factory or plant to threaten employees to loss of pay increasing work hours. The right of free speech given to the employees holds no proper value in such situations. In fact, at many instances, the employers’ free speech found to have more values than the employees’. The remedies recognized for back-pay, posting notice and injunction could no longer deter the employers to carry on unfair practices (Battin, 2017). The National Labor Relations act also prohibits the employers to fire employees if they are engaged in a mutual aid and protection; but inspite of this, union activists are often to be terminated. This is the reason the meaning of mutual aid and protection was narrowed down.

2.Compare the steps companies may take to implement a positive human resources management program with principles of effective management

Human resource management (HRM) is responsible for managing the productivity along with the development of the workers working at different levels of the organization. For effective outcome, the human resource personnel should have the access and the support of the major decision makers. The department shall have the ability to communicate with others in the organization. Staffing, designing jobs and building teams for effective outcome shall be the primary concerns of the HRM team (Fossum, 2014). Creating a work atmosphere where there is no discrimination among the employees. The human resource department should focus on recognition and rewarding the employees as per their performance rather can only utilising them for their own benefits.

Talent recognition can be another approach that major companies might take to implement a positive human resource management program. Talent management can ultimately improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of an organization. As pointed out by Caligiuri, (2014), many organizations have rare human resource that is best in efficiency, skills and knowledge that is not available to other competitors. This shall be the prime look out of the HRM of the organization to retain the employees. The human resource team can also take the initiative to include the employees of an organization in the major decision making that shall make the employees feel wanted and valued (Fossum, 2014). In addition to this, providing employment security and decentralization of various departments of the organization can ultimately lead to a better working situation for both the employers and the employees.


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