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HIST 1301 United States History

Published : 16-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Answer the following questions: Thoughtful answers backed up by facts. 

Type or writing legibly in ink on notebook paper. Use best writing skills. 

A. What foreign policy guidelines did Washington recommend for the US? Write at least short paragraphs: each defining and then explaining a guideline.
B. What did Washington mean when he said that a "free people out to be 'constantly awake'"? 

C. Do you agree or disagree with the above statement? Why? If your answer is yes, do you feel it is as applicable today as it was in 1796? Why or why not?


Farewell address of Washington

a. In his farewell speech Washington pointed the benefits of the federal government. In his speech he mentions about the warning against the party system. According to him this system serves as a distraction to the public councils and it distracts the public administration. He also mentions about the importance of the religion and morality in his speech. This claims the security for property, reputation, life. It raises the question regarding the investigation in Courts of Justice.

Another major outline that has been mentioned in the speech of Washington is the matter of the over-powerful military establishments. It increases the inauspicious liberty and this is particularly hostile to the Republican Liberty.

The matter of unity of government is the most remarkable guideline mentioned by Washington. It further provokes the community with the unhealthy jealousy and creation of false situations. This actually gives way to the foreign influence and corruption. Therefore the policy of one country becomes subjected to the policy of another country (Silverman et al., 1971).

b. In this question Washington meant that it was necessary for people to guard the power through a constant vigilance. The result of freedom is constant vigilance. The countrymen were losing the freedom in their own homeland as they were unaware of what was actually happening. The people had not taken any effort to participate in the democratic activities in the country (Richardson, 1913).

c. This is a correct statement made by Washington in his speech. Each and every people should be aware of the democratic and the political powers of the nation. the word jealousy used here is the want to hold one`s own power in order to universally recognize another`s power. It is similar to the way it is said that the Judeo-Christian God is called the jealous God. Every citizen must be aware of the voting rights and all other democratic rights in the nation. Hence this is extremely necessary (Richardson, 1913).


Silverman, K., Hausdorff, D., Kaplan, C. and Albrecht, R. (1971). Literature in America. New York: Free Press.

Richardson, J. (1913). A compilation of the messages and papers of the presidents. [New York]: Bureau of National Literature.

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