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HCMG101 Health Care System

Published : 31-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


1.Who would your organization partner with to increase access (attract more customers), but not costs for your facility and why?

2.Discuss how social democracies improve population health

3.Talk about the role of unions and the working class.

4.Talk about the role of women as income earners.

5.List ways that a rural county in Washington can implement community health workers to increase care to a wide spread low income immigrant population in the county.


1.For the increase in the access so that more customers are attracted towards the organization I would like to make a partnership with any non-profit organization. So that it can make the services cost effective and available to the needy (, 2017).

2.It has been proved by the scholars that democracy of a country has a very strong effect on the health of the population. Economics is related to health as the evidence suggests that the economic status of a country is responsible for the health and health policies of the country (Navarro, & Shi, 2001). The improvement of the health of a country helps in the improvement of a country’s total performance in health. The political institution also affects the health through the help of their general impact on the universal issues of health policy, such as universal access to high-quality services (Cotlear et al., 2015).

3.The Unions of a company is having an extensive impact on the wages and working lives of both the workers which are unionized or not unionized. The union plays an important role in the context of worker-employer conversation from many years, but during the last few years, various aspects had been changed in the environment of business. The power of the workers union depends upon two main aspects of influence. These are: restriction in the supply of labour and increasing the demand of the labour. The union might ask for the higher wage of the worker than the equilibrium but this can increase the hours of working of the employers as well (O’Leary, 2017).

4.The Prudential Financial survey discovered that 53% of the women are main source of the income. With the increase in the numbers of females in the work at the time of loosing of jobs of her partner and during the financial crisis; leads to divorce or takes decision to marry later. Some researchers found that most of the women used to worry about the expenses in their daily life or ability to save for retirement. Men, on the contrary, are generally focused on the other external factors such as the economy of the state (Ellemers, 2014.).

5.Some of the ways to implement the community care workers for providing healthcare to the people of a rural area of Washington are:

  • By providing some funds to the community care centre so that they can work in the rural areas (, 2017).
  • By providing transportation to the worker for going to the village
  • To organize some health education program for the people of the rural community.
  • To collaborate with some local health care centre so that they can help in the communication with the rural people (Abimbola et al., 2015).


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O’Leary, L. (2017). Introduction. In Employment and Labour Relations Law in the Premier League, NBA and International Rugby Union (pp. 1-18). TMC Asser Press, The Hague.

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