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HCMG101 Health Care System

Published : 14-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Use the Internet to explore the website of one (1) company that has an online application process. Next, critique the online application process and site design to determine whether it would encourage or discourage job seekers to apply.
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Online Application Process of Google

The online application process of Google offers an opportunity to the people to become Googlers in just three key steps i.e. Apply, Interview and Decide.

URL for the website: 

Critique/Analysis of the Online Application Process and the site design

The online application process of Google is straightforward and is very convenient and easy to use. The potential candidates are not required to get concerned about the errors related to the form filling and errors as well as the expenses regarding postage. It is also convenient that the candidates get a confirmation of their application that it has been received by the recruiter. The online application process of Google is also free from the errors or timeouts and drop-offs. In various application processes, because of various errors or time outs, the application filed by the candidate gets lapsed and they have to start from scratch entering all the details once again. But in the online application process of Google candidates can save their application in between so. The application process is also highly secured (Bock, 2015). There is no threat of the hackers to use the information of the candidates. But after analyzing in detail there are certain pitfalls also in the online application process of Google which discourages the job seekers to apply for jobs. The process is not much user friendly. It is essential that the online application process must be highly user friendly so that all type of individuals can access them in spite of being less technology savvy. The structure is also required to be improved. In just one click people cannot jump to the site. It is sometime complex for the job seekers to search for the right website or appropriate link. The company also delays in giving back the response to the applicants as there are high numbers of people filling the applications on a daily basis (McGrath, 2011).

Recommendations to increase and improve the site’s appeal to job seekers

To improve and increase the appeal of the online application process of goggle to the job seekers following are the few recommendations:

  • Google must have an online live chat option. This will help the candidates to ask questions and get instant response to their queries. This will develop a one-to-one approach between the recruiter and the candidate so that there can be efficient communication between them (Bizer, et al., 2005).
  • The structure of the site must also improve so that the candidates can have a direct visit to the appropriate link without any confusion.
  • At the online application site, the company must include some video so that they can offer the candidates can be aware about the job title, the work and the offered packages as per the experience.
  • Another recommendation is that the site must have a link with other social platforms and whenever there is any new vacancy kit must be advertise on these platforms. This will increase the visibility of the site and the potential candidates will be able to approach fast (Braddy, Meade and Kroustalis, 2008).


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McGrath, R. G. (2011). Failing by design. Harvard Business Review, 89(4), 76-83

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