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ENGLISH 20 Literature and Composition

Published : 27-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


1.Compose an annotation for an annotated bibliography based on Reading A, C, or D.
2.Plagiarism case study: student A submitted a paper that was entirely composed of copied material from a Wikipedia entry and a website written by a non-scholar about the topic I requested. Why were student A’s actions wrong? How might they have affected his grade?
3.Compare or contrast the organizational pattern (global) used any two of the following: Reading B, C, or D.
4.Discuss the use of ethos, pathos, and logos in Reading A. Which of the appeals does the author rely on the most?
5.How does the use of proper documentation contribute to the writer’s ethos or appeals to a character?
6.Describe your writing process, in brief, using a specific writing task you completed in the past. How could your process be more effective?


1.Aimee Lalime states that while evaluating the static and dynamic integrity of the truss structure. It was found that a good method to find the natural frequency system that has surpassed the finite element method is the Lissajou method. It is seen the HP analyzer was not approved because it was too expensive for small accuracy improvement. The evaluation of vibration analysis tool shows the strain gauges and indicators were not good because they needed a lot of time to get results. For the system to measure member stresses, FEPC was stronger to the strain gauge. It was also accurate in expensive and easy to use. She recommended the Lissajou method while using the FEPC on stress determination for truss members in the future.

2.Students A’s actions were very wrong because copied work does not rake in some great grades. This is mostly because the work will not be original and it shows that the student does not understand the topic. Direct copying and pasting also show signs of laziness from student A. The student’s grades will be highly affected because the paper will not show what she has learned. The grade will definitely be bad too because she cannot be graded on copied work. The students’ actions are a show of non-commitment and lack of seriousness. The student should have just worked on the paper without plagiarism. Plagiarism is always taken very seriously and could even attract more fines apart from the bad grade. (Viper, 2017)

3.Reading B’s organization patterns are used and it explores different “test types” that are used globally. The cause-effect test type is seen all over the paper because of some of the words used in reading B. it also compares and contrasts both reservoirs to see which one has more positive effects that the other and also find the similarities that they be sharing. The reading also showed the problems that were faced and it reports and offers innovative and solutions on the same. These are just some of the organizational patterns found in the paper. These patterns have helped this paper be very logical and exceptional. The organizational patterns were also used correctly to help understand the paper well. The organizational patterns were also arranged in a good order to help with the flow of the paper (chulten, 2011).

4.As retrieved from, ethos is ethical appeals that are used to convince the reader of the paper’s credibility. Pathos is an emotional appeal that is used to invoke an emotional feeling from the reader. Logos appeal is used through facts to appeal and convince the reader. I feel like the author used the three appeals while writing this paper. The logo appeal is used more by the author because he is mostly dealing with facts and statistics to convince the reader. The topic of the paper also compels the author to rely much on the logos appeal. Also being able to use statistics is what will create the logic that the reader needs.

5.According to, as a reader, proper documentation should contribute to the writer’s appeals to a character.  This is because proper documentation evaluates and examines how successful a writer is able to create authority and command to the intended readers. This is what determines if the reader is credible, and can be trusted. Proper documentation also measures how the writer makes a reader comfortable. Recognizing the ethos appeal to a character means checking if the writer demonstrates respect and unbiased language towards the reader. An emotional appeal is normally used to create trust between the reader and writer. Once you an ethos appeal you are relatively assured that that your readers will be comfortable and hooked (Lumen, 2017).

6.My writing process is easy to understand because I follow most patterns so that anyone that would read my work will be able to understand it easily. I mostly use the compare-contrast task/pattern. This is because this way you are able to venture into the work you are writing by knowing the negatives and positives and also the similarities. This organizational pattern has really helped me in my past works because it helps me cover the topics I am writing well. In the end though you always find yourself using all the patterns without knowing because they are tasks that you have been using for a long time even before you understood what the patterns represent. My process of writing would be more effective if I used all the appeals because if you are able to use them as package it helps guarantee that your readers will have a good read (The Writing Process, 2017).


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