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EDTHP 416 Sociology of Education

Published : 13-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


The following is a reflection on the possibility of teaching by example, and especially as the ideabof teaching by example is developed in the work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. My thesis is that Rousseau created a literary version of himself in his writings as an embodiment of his philosophy, rather in the same way and with the same purpose that Plato created a version of Socrates.Thisfigure of Rousseau—a sort of philosophical portrait of the man of nature—is represented as an example for us to follow.
This would appear to have been dangerous and destabilizing work, given the mental distress that it caused Rousseau in striving to live up to his fictional self. Rousseau’s own ideas on the nature of teaching by example are presented in a discussion of the section in ‘Emile’ which Rousseau takes from an incident in his own life—the story of his meeting with a young Savoyard priest who befriended him and influenced him through the power of his example


Ways of teaching by example

Teaching by example is an exemplary approach of teaching that can be considered as a sense of achievement where the intentions of the teacher are not attributed. Rather than that actions of someone are retrospectively attributed. Learning by example is a phenomenon that is derived from teaching by example. Teaching by example can be done by providing example of another person or an incident or putting an example of the teacher himself in order to make a deliberate effort to understand the opposite person about the topic (McEwan, 2011).

Influence of teaching by example to development of moral and ethical reasoning

When a teacher teaches to the pupil by setting an example, it can lead to moral aspects of teaching. The moral and ethical reasoning deals with the passage of life i.e. the bad or good conduct of life. The ethical part is the learning of the student. If a teacher during teaching sets an example that is not related to his personality, there is possibility that the student can imitate the teacher not the example set by the teacher while teaching. If the example of Mahatma Gandhi is taken, then people certainly not follow all his principles. But it has an impact on dealing life peacefully (McEwan, 2011).

Rousseau’s philosophy of education

I disagree to the statement of Rousseau’s philosophy of education. In my experience of learning and gaining knowledge, I agree with the teaching with example. The disagreement with the statement of Rousseau suggests that the learning experience is related to the teaching example method of teaching. While reading the article I have realized the fact that teaching by example is very easy to understand about the subject.


McEwan, H. (2011). A Portrait of the Teacher as Friend and Artist: The example of Jean?Jacques Rousseau. Educational philosophy and theory, 43(5), 508-520.

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