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CISC215 Database Design and Application Development

Published : 05-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


1. Database Design

Who should be in charge of designing the database – team members, who understand the application requirements, or a database design expert, who may not understand the problem domain issues but does understand good database design? What would you suggest?

2. Integrity Controls

The rapid increase in e-commerce and the need for online access has increased the need for integrity controls. Integrity controls are integrated into the application and the database. Business managers want integrity but might not be willing to pay for the time and effort needed to develop comprehensive integrity controls. What arguments can you present to persuade business owners that this investment in non-functional software is beneficial? How much effort is needed compared to developing functional business software?

3. Agile Development Side-Effects

What are the major problems (or side-effects) while using Agile Development Methodology (for example Scrum and XP)?

4. Applying analysis and design at workplace

Do you think that you can apply any of the systems analysis and design concepts that we learned (FURPS+, use cases, class diagram, activity diagram, sequence diagram, state machine diagram, etc.) at your workplace in the near future or in the long term?


1.The Database design expert should be in charge of the database design. In addition to this the feedbacks and opinion about the structure of the databases should be taken from the team members. This would result in designing of an effective database with the appropriate constrains and according to the requirements.

3.The integrity constrains in the database management system provides security to the data of the company (Carlini et al., 2015). In addition to this, they provide various control methods for controlling the data. This safeguards the data from getting lost, being stolen or from getting tampered. In addition to this less effort is required to design and maintain the system in comparison to the other functional business soft wares.

3.In Agile Development Methodology the cost of development is greater (Losada, Urretavizcaya & Fernandez-Castro, 2013). And in addition to this the workers in the lower level are not sure of the plan so, it would not provide them the motivation or the goal that they need to achieve. Additionally, if the project has to be redesigned again and again, then the time for completion would go into infinity.

4.Yes, the concepts of system analysis and the design can be applied in the workplace for the projects that are planned in the near future as well as for the projects that the coming is going to work on in the long term basis. This would help in thorough analysis of the project and from a well-defined structure for the projects.


Carlini, N., Barresi, A., Payer, M., Wagner, D., & Gross, T. R. (2015, August). Control-Flow Bending: On the Effectiveness of Control-Flow Integrity. In USENIX Security (Vol. 14, pp. 28-38).

Losada, B., Urretavizcaya, M., & Fernández-Castro, I. (2013). A guide to agile development of interactive software with a “User Objectives”-driven methodology. Science of Computer Programming, 78(11), 2268-2281.

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