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BUS 366 International Business

Published : 21-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Increasing Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

1. Skills of an Effective Administrator (Robert L. Katz)
2. Leadership Effectiveness Can Be Learned (Peter F. Drucker)
3. Organization Development (Wendell French)
4. In Search of Excellence (Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman)
5. The Learning Organization (Peter M. Senge)
6. Competing for the Future (Gary Hamel and C. K. Prahalad)
7. Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman)
8. The Level 5 Leader (Jim Collins)
9. Feedforward (Marshall Goldsmith)


Increasing leadership and organizational effectiveness

1st Article

Topic 1:- Strategies of an Effective Administrator (Robert L. Katz)


As per Robert Katz, it is of outmost importance to select an effective leader for a particular organization. This will increase the effectiveness of the given firm and the management of the firm can easily attain its long term and short-term goals and objectives in accordance to the viewpoint of the leader selected. leadership effectiveness can be learned and acquired. There is a wide debate among authors, whether leaders are born or made. However, in this case, the author thinks that the skills of an effective leader can be easily acquired if a certain level of persistence is there among the person.  With the help of proper guidance from management, the skills of a leader can be easily learned.


On the other hand, Wendell French infers that it is important for a leader to \contribute towards organizational development. It is of great essence to contribute towards development of the firm with a certain level of skills and appropriate planning.  In addition to this, it is primary role and responsibilities of a leader to guide the firm to its desired success.

Thoughts and reflection

If an organization learns through its activities on a timely basis, then, it can easily succeed in the long-run. In addition to this, it can be further inferred that the organization needs to learn from its mistakes and develop a contingency plan for future. This can only be done under the guidance of an efficient leader.

2nd Article: Topic 4


Peters and Robert H. Waterman further opines that a leader should be in search of excellence for the purpose of organizational development. In that case, the leader can help the organization to attain its respective short term and long term goals and objectives. In order to do so, the leader should develop his/her skills and knowledge and grow with the organization.

It is important for the firm to compete for the future. This will further help in the sustainability of the firm. In addition to this, the level of competition has increased among the modern firms. Therefore, it is important for the firms to develop a proper and effective sustainability strategy. This can be gone under the guidance of an efficient leader.


A leader must have a level of emotional intelligence. This is important for the organization to succeed in future. Without an appropriate level of intelligence, a leader cannot succeed in the long-run.

Jim Collins further suggests that a level 5 leader has all the qualities like planning, managing, time management, emotional intelligence, etc.  These qualities will be required to handle a large or small organization in this competitive business environment.

Thoughts and reflection

A leader should be forward looking and also have an effective contingency plan. With the help of such approach, the leader can help the particular firm to attain its mission and vision. Therefore, it can be inferred that the leader can be considered as a guiding force for all the firms.

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