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Employee Motivation Case Study Help

Employee Motivation Case Study Analysis Assistance

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Employee Case Study

Developing an impressive employee motivation case study is no child’s play. It requires understanding the topic, conducting in-depth research, designing a detailed outline, drafting according to the university guidelines, and editing for errors. Unfortunately, most students lack time to devote to the entire process of writing the paper for their commitment to numerous academic activities or get stuck in different stages of the case study writing.

Therefore, they seek employee case study help from experts. However, only a few experts like offer in-depth advice for all academic needs related to employee case study writing in the stringent deadline. Wonder what else they can offer? Hire the experts to know more.

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Wonder what HR dissertation categories we cater to provide Online Employee Motivation Case Study Help? Our experts offer assistance on 100+ subjects for all sub-areas you imagine. Here's a sneak peek.

Human Resources Research Topics

  1. What are the most effective team-building strategies?
  2. How training and development affect job performance
  3. The best way to utilize productivity metrics.
  4. HRM strategies for addressing skill shortages
  5. Organizing teams according to personalities.
  6. How to manage international employees
  7. How much paid leave is optimal?
  8. Investigate the human resource management practices that enhance a company’s success.
  9. The simplest way to resolve interpersonal conflicts
  10. Benefits of regular psychological counseling for all employees
  11. Managing part-time, full-time, and freelance employees.
  12. How HR helps companies remain competitive in a global market.

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HR Research Topics on Recruitment and Selection

  1. When is the best time to recruit a new employee?
  2. The role of communication skills during employee acquisition and recruitment
  3. The best platforms to recruit on.
  4. Challenges affecting contemporary recruitment and selection strategies
  5. Best practices for improving employee retention
  6. What kind of employees is needed for a large company?
  7. The importance of the screening process during recruitment
  8. The effects of cross-cultural recruitment on organizational productivity
  9. Is social media an effective way to recruit?
  10. Recruiting university graduates directly – a good or bad idea?
  11. How to attract good employees?
  12. How does HR evaluate a potential recruit?

Equal Employment Opportunity HR Research Topics

  1. How to manage equal opportunity employment?
  2. Recruiting is an equal opportunity employer.
  3. Government requirements for equal opportunity.
  4. The costs of an unequal workplace
  5. How to recognize and manage discrimination in the workplace.
  6. How to create a diverse workplace?
  7. Do men and women deserve the same pay?
  8. The best tactics for implementing equal opportunity
  9. Equal Employment Opportunity and the Glass ceiling
  10. Best practices for mediating disputes between employees.

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Strategic HR Management Dissertation Ideas

  1. The importance of performance planning in the performance management cycle
  2. Performance appraisal and employee motivation
  3. Advantages of having performance standards
  4. The importance of feedback in organizations
  5. Are psychological appraisals beneficial in the hospitality industry?
  6. Reward system and performance management
  7. Performance appraisal and corporate culture
  8. Advantages of automated performance management systems
  9. Performance management and strategic planning
  10. How to incorporate employee input in organizational decision-making

Risk Management HR Dissertation Topics

  1. Is HR there to protect employees or protect the company?
  2. What kind of risks does an HR have to manage?
  3. The role of HR in risk management
  4. Training the workplace to minimize potential risks
  5. When should HR take legal action?
  6. Risk management when working from home.
  7. How should HR respond to a legal action taken by an employee
  8. Reasons to carry out regular internal audits.
  9. How HR managers can identify and assess risks in the workplace
  10. HR risk management and employee productivity

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Employee Relations HR Dissertation Topics

  1. A brief study on how to tackle conflicts between employees
  2. Distinct ways to avoid hours and wages issues
  3. Best ways to ensure adequate safety in the work environment
  4. Extensive research on how to resolve disputes related to annual leaves
  5. Indeterminacy of employment relations
  6. Role of employee relations in an organization
  7. An overview of different employee relation scenarios with examples
  8. An informative dissertation on the nature of employee relations

Training & Development HR Management Dissertation Topics

  1. The scope of training and development courses in the long run
  2. How can a training program help an organization beat economic crises?
  3. A critical analysis of soft skills vs. hard skills
  4. How can the inefficient selection process be improved through training?
  5. A study on powerful training strategies for maximizing productivity
  6. Extensive research on harassment assessment training
  7. Roles and responsibilities of a training and development manager
  8. A brief about the importance of training and development
  9. Types of training and development strategies for excellent growth

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Looking for different types of services for Employee Case Study help in various service providers is no more minor a tedious task than writing the paper on your own. Our experts cater to all your needs under our Online Employee Motivation Case Study Help service to avoid this hassle. Here is what you get from our experts.

  • Select the case study topics

Whether you need Risk Management HR Dissertation Topics or Strategic HR Management Dissertation Ideas for your assignment, our writers find out a unique subject for your research that suits your taste and requirements and has abundant information from credible sources to build the paper.

  • Research the contents:

We have many employees working behind the scene to make our expert’s work easier. They bank millions of information on any given topic every day. It helps our experts provide unique, updated, and credible facts and figures for any sub-categories, be it Employee Relations HR Dissertation Topics, Training & Development HR Management Dissertation Topics, or others. Therefore our experts don't need to dig deep into the internet and justify information's credibility. They just choose the required information and build your assignment.

  • Outline and build the dissertation:

Our experts keep your requirements in mind and stick to the university guidelines to design your assignments. If you need a detailed outline to guide your writing or cite the footnotes and bibliography in an accurate referencing style, our experts can help you with that as well. All you have to do is state your requirements without any hesitation.

  • Edit and Check for plagiarism:

Most of you cannot detect the mistakes in your academic papers for lack of experience in writing and editing the dissertation. So hire our experts to pluck off the minutest error in your writing and make it pristine. To justify the originality of your solution, our editors scan your paper under – the best plagiarism solution on the globe. They even offer plagiarism reports on demand.

Want To Read Related Sample?

Factors Affecting Employee Relations

Suppose you look for Strategic HR Management Dissertation Ideas or need to understand the Risk Management HR Dissertation Topics; you have to consider the several factors that impact employee relations. Didn’t you notice it while researching for information on the Employee Relations HR Dissertation Topics? Don't worry. Our Employee Case Study help providers have found that several factors affect the employees' relationship with the company.

External factors:

Social impact: Our experts have noticed that with heightening retirement, age organizations can retain the older workforce and thus keep the specialized skills and knowledge with it. It tightens the positive employment relationship while integrating the millennial expertise and skills with those of the baby boomers. It further creates an appealing employment relationship with both the generation of employees.

Economic climate: Our experts who offer Strategic HR Management Dissertation Ideas found that an unfavorable economic climate reduces the demand for products. As a result, it reduces the organization's production needs and, thus, reduction of some employees. In contrast, a robust economic climate renders demand for products and services. Therefore, there will be more work for employees hence a favorable employment relationship.

Internal factors

Work-life balance: Most employees look for organizations that promise a work-life balance. Flexible working schedules, telecommuting, or part-time jobs enhance work-life balance. With so much hands-on experience in developing Employee Relations HR Dissertation Topics, our experts found that a good work-life balance makes the employee happy and willing to stay with the organization longer, thereby creating a positive employment relationship.

Size of the firm: Our expert helpers who assist with Training & Development HR Management Dissertation Topics have learned that larger organizations offer the employees a more significant opportunity for personal and professional development, increasing employee retention. On the other hand, a smaller organization provides minimal to no options for personal and professional development; therefore, employees will not be willing to stay for long. In such a situation, the employment relationship is less favorable.

What Are The Components of Employee Engagement?

Having offered over 75000 Employee Case Study help to students, our experts have recognized the eight main features of employee engagement:


Our Online Employee Motivation Case Study Help experts have found that praise from a direct manager is two times more motivating to the employees. In fact, a meaningful relationship with managers is the most significant predictor of whether an employee will work in a company or not.  


While devising many Strategic HR Management Dissertation Ideas, our experts have noticed that communication is one of the keep qualities of a good manager that most employees look up to. Honest, open, and frequent contact with subordinates often engenders trust.


While working on several Employee Relations HR Dissertation Topics, our experts have analyzed that a positive corporate culture yields happy employees who want to come to work every morning. Not only that, the better the culture, the more profitable the company. If you think our researchers are wrong, explore “Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.” almost all organizations consistently yield a more significant return than the overall market — larger, even, than investing in the S&P 500.

Rewards and recognition

While conducting many surveys for Training & Development HR Management Dissertation Topics, our experts have concluded that above 70% of the workforce agreed that they would work harder if they were recognized more. This includes formal recognition, like years of service or employee-of-the-month programs, and informal programs like company "points" or thank-you cards. A well-defined recognition and reward system allows employers to effectively differentiate between good and poor performers and tie recognition and rewards directly to the behavior that matters for the organization's success. What gets recognized gets repeated.

Professional and personal growth

The opportunity to develop new skills and capabilities is critically essential to ambitious employees. Most employee development occurs on the job in the form of new projects or responsibilities but could also include regional conferences, further reading materials, or certification courses. Keep your employees engaged by finding out how they'd like to stretch and giving them appropriate opportunities for growth in that direction.

Accountability and performance

Everyone wants to be part of a winning team. People who perform well feel good about themselves —and where they work. But like any team, they need coaches who can provide honest feedback. Immediate praise reinforces desired behaviors, and timely criticism can help avert future problems before they snowball.

Vision and values

Engaged employees understand the big picture and how they fit into it. A clearly communicated vision and statement of core values give employees something to rally around. If employees feel like a part of something bigger than themselves, they are much more likely to go above and beyond to contribute to that greater purpose.

Corporate social responsibility

Employee engagement levels are twice as high among employees who say they are proud of their organization's contributions to the community. Successful companies tend to be deeply connected with their communities committed to social outreach, and they encourage employees to participate in worthy causes that make the world a better place.

Employee Motivation Case Study Example

Our experts offer a free Employee Motivation Case Study sample in our portal. However, if you want to assess their writing now, you may read the abstract of a dissertation given below.

Employee Motivation. A Case Study from the Fast Food Chain KFC in Central London

Attracting and retaining employees in the current business world has become a big challenge for organizations. Due to the increase in competitors and new entrants, it has become a challenging task for organizations. Globalization has also added a new dimension to the challenge. The workforce is now comprised of people from different countries and different cultures. As a result, keeping them motivated to give a high performance is a big task for the managers. There have been many research and theories of leadership and motivation. However, these are not fully understood, and the relationship between leadership and motivation still needs in-depth analysis. Leaders need to motivate their subordinates by catering to their individual needs and moving away from the traditional methods.

The main aim of this dissertation project is to critically examine the chosen organization KFC to study the effect of its leadership on the motivation of its employees. The research question is, "How can management develop their leadership style to motivate staff members to achieve their organizational roles?"

To explain the causal relationship between leadership and motivation, the researcher pursued an action research strategy and followed an inductive approach. The researcher had to work closely with the organization. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected using an employee survey questionnaire and a focus group interview of the managers.

Contact our Online Employee Motivation Case Study Help now to read the entire text.


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