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STRM042 Assessment Answer

Online STRM042 critical issues in business assessment solution

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STRM042 Critical Issues in Business

This module's teaching and learning methods are suitable for all types of students and are intended to help them reach the high standards of an MBA programme. As a part of this, leaders must hone their metacognition, critical thinking, and communication abilities. Concepts and theories are placed in a practical setting as part of the teaching, learning, and evaluation process. As part of this module, we examine essential problems that are taught throughout the MBA curriculum, such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and organisational culture while strengthening analytical skills in research, assessment and dissemination. Keeping up with current business challenges is an important part of the first MBA module, which requires extensive reading. You may use the online reading list as a starting point to further your research.

The university also facilitates discussion and invite you to discuss your thoughts with one other and to challenge your study in light of your own personal experiences. Interacting with your peers is expected from you. On a regular basis, you are required to use the virtual learning environment (NILE). NILE provides access to your core reading, as well as communication tools and other resources. NILE is where you submit your assessment, and NILE is where you receive your comments and grades. NILE announcements will also keep you up to speed on the newest information and news.

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Unit Details:

Level: Postgraduate (MBA)

Core module for students undertaking the 2 years MBA program

Credit Points: 10

University Affiliation: University of Northampton

Introduction to the module

In order to prepare you for future modules, this course is designed to start you reading and critically assessing material, thinking about how it relates to your own experiences, and developing your research abilities. Our goal is to help you develop a critical eye for business and management books by delving deep into important topics.

The Aim Behind Undertaking The Module

· Acquire a critical understanding of the most important strategic management concepts

· Research and literature in regards to your company environment and personal experiences are crucial to this.

What Topics Are Bothering You?

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Learning outcomes

This module is designed so that participants can:

  • Critically evaluate the value and relevance of an integrated approach for organisational leadership
  • The use of a variety of analytical models and conceptual tools in the study of organisations
  • Demonstrate business management expertise in the context of real-world scenarios.
  • Critique your own professional expertise and provide evidence-based arguments and conclusions.
  • In order to carry out activities that relate theory to practise, demonstrate a capacity to operate successfully as an individual and a team member.
  • To resolve business-related issues, make selective use of a variety of learning materials.
  • In both vocal and written form, convey the answers and the reasoning behind them.

Requirements for entry

To be qualified for this course, you must have one or more of the following:

  • A bachelor's or master's degree with honours from a British institution of higher learning (or equivalent)
  • A British University Diploma in Management Studies (Level 7/PG, 120 credits)
  • (120 credits at Level 7/Postgraduate) Edexcel Extended Diploma in Strategy Management
  • Business Executives Association (ABE) PG diploma in business management 120 credits at level 7
  • Level 7/PG (120 credits): • NCC Education PG Diploma in Business Management
  • There are 120 credits at Level 7/PG for the ATHE Diploma in Strategic Management.


We also need that you have two years of relevant managerial experience in addition to the aforementioned credentials. If you can demonstrate that you have relevant past credit or experience, we will review your application. Applicants for this postgraduate degree may be admitted on the basis of past learning or professional experience that is relevant and quantifiable. MBA modules may be completely or partially exempt from other requirements. For further information, please get in touch with our Admissions Department.

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Criteria for assignment

This module has a single exam that demands critical reading and judgment based on evidence. The University's grade descriptors and overall assessment criteria will be used for evaluation. Academic integrity and proper academic referencing will be outlined in clear terms in order to ensure that the assignment is completed on time.

Specifics of the Task

You are expected to write a 2,500-word literature study on a business or management-related topic. In the evaluation brief, the expectations and themes will be clarified. In order to pass this test, you'll need to conduct in-depth study on the subject matter. This can contain academic journals, practitioner materials, as well as approved business and management sources of information and publications. You'll be aided in your ability to evaluate a source of information's credibility. You'll be asked to read widely and draw on a wide range of sources when completing this assignment. The evidence you use in your analysis, assessment, and conclusions must be clearly supported by relevant sources.

Hours that are to be allotted to the module

Online Workshops / Lectures & Seminars  27 hours

Analysis and pre reading                            27 hours

Assessment task                                         46 hours

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Course Content

  • Integrating and Analyzing MBA Learning Resources for Critical Reflection
  • Pervasive Problems in the Management of Businesses
  • Ethics and Sustainability
  • In Organizations, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, and Social Enterprise Entrepreneurship
  • Globalisation and the International Agenda People in Organisations

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