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SOC101 Introductory Sociology Assessment Answers

SOC101 Assignment Answers

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SOC101 Task Answers

Sociology is a branch of science that analyses people and their interactions. It looks at human relationships, cultural events, and issues like injustice and urbanisation, as well as their consequences on groups and people. In unit 1, the students will look at the positivist philosophy of science that sociologists rely on, which states that empirical results are the only way to get real knowledge or truth. Rather than relying on faith-based and emotional state, it is needed to be able to witness our findings or conduct precise observations utilising a sensory experience.

Social psychologists use the sociological perspective to find links between life observations and wider societal challenges. Sociologists investigate and link numerous social concerns, such as sex education in classrooms, sexualization in the press, impoverishment, and the personal thing of teenage sexual intercourse and conception, using scientific approaches to comprehend this trend.

This course will cover a variety of basic sociological concepts, allowing students to create their own sociological perspective. Sociologists look into the history of sociology as a field, as well as some of the most important sociological theory and research methodologies. As a result, this course will look at subjects like sexuality and gender, transgression, and race, as well as attempting to build their sociological perspective by connecting the topics and ideas they learn with their own personal experiences.

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This course curriculum has the following units:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Sociology
  • Unit 2: Culture, the Socialized Self, and the Individual in Society
  • Unit 3: Social Inequality
  • Unit 4: Institutions
  • Unit 5: Social Change and Social Issues

Introduction to Sociology is a self-paced program, which implies based upon how the student choose when they want to begin and according to when they want to finish. There is actually no teacher or set schedule to adhere to. This program is expected to take 42 hours to finish for a student. It is suggested that a student take the course at a speed that is suitable for them and allows people to make consistent progress. It is also a smart option to plan the time for studying ahead of time and attempt to keep to it as much as possible.

This course is totally provided online. The students will need a desktop or a web-capable smart phone with constant internet connectivity to see or acquire the essential course materials, as well as to try any auto-graded course tests and the final exam. The student must be signed in and registered in the program to access the whole course, including evaluations and the final project. The student may also establish a basic account in the Saylor Academy portal. Although the students may access certain parts of the course without checking in, they should do so to get the most out of your learning experience. The students cannot take exams or monitor their results until they are logged in.

Unit Details:

Location: Saylor Academy, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: SOC101

Brief of Assessment:

This course curriculum has Five units:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Sociology

In this unit, the learners will look at sociology as a discipline. They will learn about the history of sociology as a field of study, as well as many fundamental theoretical viewpoints. They will look at sociological studies and the ethical issues that social researchers and scientists encounter in their research.   Sociologists have aided in the shaping and changing of our social reality. Sociology teaches children how they fit into society as a whole. From a sociological standpoint, they may examine how we define ourselves and how others categorize us. In an increasingly diverse and globalised society, sociology is a vital tool for working and living. This course will take students about 4 hours to complete.

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  • Unit 2: Culture, the Socialized Self, and the Individual in Society

 Cultural, human engagement, groups and individuals, transgression and control of the masses, and information and entertainment are all discussed in Unit 2. We analyse several prevalent unwritten norms for conduct in our social environment as we investigate various sociological domains. It is also evident that why social standards are so crucial in our daily encounters.

Lastly, it is looked at the impact of technology on our social interactions and aberrant conduct. Facebook, for instance, a virtual interactive environment, has had an influence on our social thinking. This unit will take students about 10 hours to complete.

  • Unit 3: Social Inequality

Students will discuss the rising concerns about national and global injustice in this unit. The students will look into issues such as why certain countries are wealthier than others and also look at how institutionalised disparities like racism, sexism, and age discrimination may negatively influence human interactions. The course will also discuss about the distinction between gender and sex, as well as gender identity and homosexuality. The learning outcome will look at the various of theoretical viewpoints on sex and gender, as well as ways to overcome prejudice. This unit will take you about 12 hours to complete.

  • Unit 4: Institutions

Family, religious methods, education, and governance are the four basic social institutions studied in Unit 4. Finally, from a sociological point of view, the course unit outlines and examine government offices in terms of policy and economical system. They look at how different economic systems influence how societies operate. This unit will require about 10 hours to complete.

  • Unit 5: Social Change and Social Issues

In Unit 5, the course unit examine at some of the most pressing social concerns, such as healthcare, urbanisation, and political movements. Social epidemiological, sickness, mental health, handicap, and treatment are all covered by medical sociology. This course will take you about 6 hours to complete.

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Weightage of the SOC101 Course Code in the Semester:

To get a free Program Certificate of Completion, a student should achieve a score of 70% or above on this qualifying exam. The grade will be determined as soon as the students finish their exam. If a student fails the test on their first attempt, they may try it as many times as they like with a seven-day break between each attempt. As a result, if a student passes the final test, they will receive a free Course Certificate of Completion; otherwise, the student will not receive a certificate as an evidence of completion of the course.

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