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English Courses

Various English Courses

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English Courses

What are the various English courses offered by

English courses taught and covered in "" are mainly spoken skills-oriented. Spoken English courses comprise three distinct levels, like the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of speaking, reading and writing. Apart from English speaking, reading and writing course it also offers courses on grammar and literature skills. Those who are a part of it for the study purpose will have opportunities to improve their grammar skills. Grammar is essential to speak good English. knows well how to make its courses valuable for students. Knowing that people generally make a mess with grammar while speaking English, it has developed courses especially oriented with grammar skills. Students will find grammar oriented courses helpful in improving their hold of basics of English speaking. Similarly, their literacy skills will also be given concern. English literature will groom their analytical skills. Their analysis capability will considerably grow leading to better control of their academics.

English courses are offered through both undergraduate and graduate programs. offers a wide variety of courses from English, English education, and English literature to English especially tailored for foreign students. The type of courses for each of these areas depend on the resources available to the institution as well as the market demand for the course. Resources will include funding, infrastructure and skilled people. Skilled people will ensure whether all the course modules are deliverable. The quality of tutoring will vary the basis on the skill-proficiency of tutors. Funding has a noticeable impact on the quality of tutoring. More funds will ensure that courses are offered in contemporary ways of tutoring. Funds will also ensure that the required equipment is available. Salary, which is one of the motivating factors for tutors will also be good. Skilled people will be needed to deliver quality training. The commitments made to aspirants will only be fulfilled if they are being trained under skilled professionals. Skilled professionals would ensure that their part is delivered. They will also share some interesting stories about their year-long experience of teaching. Such things make up the environment for the class and make it much more engaging to students.

Some of the common things that are taught in in English language courses are researching tools, organizing and stylizing, writing practice and improvement, pronunciation for spoken language, grammar and vocabulary skills, reading comprehension, and analytical interpretation. Those who pursue English literature classes often are taught from several genres of literature like poetry, novels and dramas. Students in the English education program are taught the composition, reading, grammar, history of the language, language development and language acquisition. All these courses also include some other things that focus on developing teaching skills in students. International students like those who are in the United States can opt for a standalone course while being in their home country.

One of the course to be covered in classes are ‘Composition or Expository Writing Course’. English courses are often needed for students especially foreign students in the United States. They need it to be able to understand their class lectures, speak well and develop efficient researching abilities. These things are required to accomplish higher studies successfully. English learning courses help them write good papers and practice a writing style, which is acceptable at the university level. Skills developed after pursuing English courses in is utilized by students in proofreading their own work. They can edit their own work for style, basic grammar and spelling mistakes.

English Pronunciation and Speaking Course’ is another course offered at In this course, students can learn the appropriate use of pronunciation often mistaken by many people in their speaking and writing. The use of pronunciation is required to make grammatically correct sentences. By enrolling for this course, students learn how to speak English more articulately. The course helps to grab a good hold of phrasing, rhythm and intonation. All of these come naturally to native speakers; not to those for whom English is the second language. The course help students gain confidence in their English speaking. The course also provides an opportunity for class conversations with other classmates. Such practices are needed to be more confident while speaking English as well as gain proficiency in the subject.

Another course offered at is ‘English Grammar Course’. Grammar courses are divided into three levels, beginning-level, mid-level and advanced-level. Beginning-level is for those who are new to this field. Beginning students will be able to write correct sentences and phrases, pay attention to verb agreement, and structuring of conjugation and sentences. Mid-level courses are for students seeking to improve their proficiency level in English. The advanced-level courses are particularly designed for native as well as English speakers. The course is also for those who want to enrich their understanding of English literature. Advance courses will further the writing capabilities of students. They will be able to demonstrate their skills by researching and writing term assignments.

'Reading and Vocabulary Course' is also a part of the courses offered at These courses will broaden the reading capabilities of students. They will also develop a broader understanding of vocabulary. Students will become speed readers. They will develop skills required to scan written materials to be considered for writing research papers or term assignments. Most importantly, the course will groom the analytical skills and capabilities of students. They will become much more analytical of discussion skills. People proficient in English speaking will not necessarily be good in the discussion as well. When given a chance to discuss something or debate on a topic, many people make a mess with it despite being good in English speaking. Students especially those in research studies are often required to read about current news and events, and even a specified range of pages or articles. Once they are finished with it, they are needed to deliver it in the class by discussing materials studied. It is never easy to present a whole lot of material effectively in front of large populations of a class. The course will help students handle such things effectively by developing their command over rhetoric skills. 

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