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PUBH6007 Assessment Answers

PUBH6007 Program Design Implementation and Evaluation Assignment Answers

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PUBH6007 Task Answers

The course PUBH6007 belongs to the Laureate International Universities. The course demonstrates the notion of program design implementation and evaluation. This particular assessment is executed during the program of training as well as development with proper academic skills. It is a kind of evaluation connected with the concept of processing, collecting and analyzing information and data with particular organisation. The course mentions that program evaluation is concerned with a coherent description of evaluation policy, program planning of an organisation.

This course PUBH6007 include an assignment that demands academic skills from each individual. Students will be able to understand the evaluation skills of different programs.

Objectives of the course include:

  • To enhance the knowledge and understanding of each individual. It is done through the program of training campaigns and providing information to each individual.
  • To enhance the academic understanding of learning through gathering information about own learning strategies.
  • Students will be able to understand the procedure of examining the gathered skills throughout the assignment.
  • Finally, students will be able to adapt the notion of change or importance of alteration within the organisation. The students will be assessed with the formative procedure of evaluation at the end of the assignment.

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Unit Details:

PUBH6007 is considered with the concept known as designing, implementing and evaluating programs within an organisation. From the aforementioned statement, it can be understood that, the entire course is segregated in three different parts including – program design, program implementation and program evaluation. According to the course, program design contains different steps. The programmer need to understand and identify these steps before stepping forward to coding any particular language.

These are the important steps primarily associated with the completed program simply associated with other important programmers that needs to be maintained in near future. The particular steps are – understanding different program, using different tools with creating different models and finally developing a data for testing.

PUBH6007, provides the basic understanding related to program. When you will be working for a particular project where different programmers as well as the system analyst need to create different types of documentation program. These programs involve the procedure of screening different layouts, describing the narratives, exhibiting and documenting different processing steps.

Along with this, if one is creating different project, he or she needs to provide simple demonstration of the rationale for creating or selecting the program. Understanding of a program includes the basic terms including – inputs, processing and outputs.

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In the aforementioned section, it is stated that the programmers require proper models or tools to design a program. Hence, the programmers need to create a hierarchical chart to understand the complex nature of the program.

However, you need to understand the complex nature and become complex to demonstrate the pseudo code. There should be a unique algorithm, and pseudo code while you are defining the programs to others. There should be different methods through which the logic will be demonstrated to the other team members. Generally, programmers utilize flowcharts to demonstrate the entire procedure to other members.

Brief of Assessment:

As stated in the initial section that the entire unit includes the procedure of formative assessment for the students. The course includes three particular smaller units. Hence, students are evaluated with the formative assessment through which they will be producing a report on project management. The report will include the understanding of program design, program implementation and program evaluation.

Students are allowed to select an industry and business organisation. They will be identifying a program related to the business and explain each phase of program management. Students will be provided with the scope of conducting their own research to submit the report.

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Weightage of the PUBH6007 Course Code in the Semester:

The assignment is comprised of a complete hundred points. Students need to achieve at least fifty percent of the entire assignment. The assignment divides the marks in different parts. First, the report needs to follow proper format and alignment of all the academic content.

Secondly, students are not allowed to utilize external resources instead of the course materials. They can utilize own interpretation which should be their original understanding and interpretation. Finally, overall presentation, with theories and models of program management will be viewed. The assignment is important to gain fundamental information related to the program design that it vital for their next semester.

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