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PROJ6004 Contracts and Procurement Assessment Answers

PROJ6004 Assignment Answers

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PROJ6004 Task Answers


The PROJ6004 course belongs to the Laureate International University. PROJ6004 is entitled with the title – contracts and procurement. It includes certain administrative and core subject.

Administrative subjects include:

  • Masters of Global project
  • Advanced management
  • Masters of the Global project management
  • Graduate diploma course of project management
  • Management
  • Certificate and graduate of project management

The core elective subjects included within the course are:

  • Core management subjects
  • Elective subjects

The course introduces an advanced understanding of management and global project management. The core concept of the course is understanding contracts and procurement. In the following section, the unit details will be mentioned in brief.  

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Unit Details:


The course entitled as PROJ6004 introduces the procedure of project management. It is the procedure implementing systematic planning of different business project with a proper implementation planning. It includes the application of skills, tools, knowledge and techniques according to the environment of the project. Within the recent years, the concept of project management include proliferation and reaching different sophisticated heights of the organisation. Commonly, project is the element that include particular objectives varying from each other. researchers have mentioned that there is no particular definition used for the term project. Commonly the term project is acknowledged as the procedure comprising of coordinating activities.

Certain examples of project include creating facility for irrigation, watershed, creating new variation for a crop, creating a NE variant or breed of a particular animal, creating center for processioning, constructing a farm or building, and developing a concentrated feeding for plants. PROJ6007 also demonstrates proper characteristic features of project that include – it is unique in nature, it contains definite goals and objectives to achieve, it demands a group of resources, it contain a particular time frame for completing the entire program, it also include uncertainty and risks for the organisation, it demands a team to implement the approach and it is cross-functional in nature.

Major dimension of the project performance includes time, scope and cost. Studies have evidences that alteration within the dimensions of project helps to enhance the completion of the cost. It also includes management of the cost through successful implementation of scheduled budget and time. Considering the studies of management, there are multiple dimensions related to the scope of project. Considering the performance of the project, it can be said that, management of project demands mathematical understanding of the project manager and the entire team.

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The course PROJ6004 is particular concentrated on the subject known as global project management. From a global perspective, it can be said that, project management is an occupation that require solid ground of tools and procedures. This solid ground is known as knowledge that requires proper procedure of maturity. According to the researchers, global projects include different team members including cultures and organisation. It spreads across the geographical locations as well as time zones. It is done following different languages. Each dimension of the project contribute to achieve success with the proficient team. It accepts the global challenges and threats.

The global project includes the following dimensions – locations, language, organisations, cultures and time zones. Researchers have mentioned that global project include the feature known as – multiculturalism. It helps the organisation to achieve a level of innovation. When different organisation are provoked to foster different innovation in their project. The team members belong to different domains and different cultures. Hence, they can provide different types of suggestion through facilities, tools and raw materials. The intellectual properties of the global project management is also standard in nature. It is allocated for better management of knowledge from the global perspective.

PROJ6004 is also deal with the procedure of procurement include different purpose and actions associated with the project. Organisations require materials, services and supplies to understand the reliability and validity of the project. Hence, procurement contracts is also known as purchase contracts. These are the contracts that establish a legal binding as well as relationship between the sellers and buyers. It protects different entities throughout the procedure of procurement. Along with this, it establishes a proper foundational relationship within different entities including – vendor, product, vetting, terms of payment, negotiation for contract, and management of product. Product management covers the procedure of payment, ordering and delivery.

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Significance of procurement in project management is acknowledged as the heart of the contract. Maximizing the profits of the project include surviving within a competitive business environment. Conversely, the suppliers also demand the understanding of parameters of project management. It provides different times for fees, costs and contacts with a solid blueprint that allow both the collaborative parties confidently. In addition the procurement contracts also allow the business organisations to diversify different resources more effectively. Vendors also provide different products to the organisation to deal with better pricing strategies and operate within the larger than life scale.

Location: Laureate International Universities, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: PROJ6004

Brief of Assessment:

The assignment is in the form of individual report. The individual report will be assessed with the procedure of formative assessment. Formative assessment helps the teachers to understand the knowledge acquisition of the students. students will be utilizing their own understanding of the module.

Students will be utilizing their skills of argument and implication of understanding project development theories and management of the global perspective of project management. it is not a group performance hence every student needs to maintain the rules and regulations of the academic integrity. Students will also need to utilize the sources of the module only.

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Weightage of the PROJ6004 Course Code in the Semester:

The assignment contains total marks of 40 and it is divided into three particular parts. Masters of project management includes a total 160 credit points, the masters of global project include 120 credits, the diploma project includes total 80 points. But this particular assignment contains 40 points.

Students need to get at least 25 points to pass for the next semester. Students will be credited with good marks for maintaining the format, the alignment and the understanding or implementation of the module learning. Students will also be credited for maintaining all the rules and regulations of academic integrity throughout.

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