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PROJ6003 Assessment Answers

PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control Assignment Answers

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PROJ6003 Task Answers

The major purpose of the Execution and control related phase of a project is aimed at managing different aspects of project delivery in order to ensure that the project can be successful. This phase starts after the Project Plan is accepted and the working deliverable of project management have also been recognised. Proper execution of this project has been managed in this particular phase and the progress is mainly pursued to this plan which is recognised during the process of project planning.

Performance is thereby observed against this project plan and the alterations are implemented for ensuring that the project can stay on-schedule and within budget and scope. The different questions that can be answered after proper completion of the Execution and Control Phase include the following:

  • Are the individuals on track for completing the work as it been planned?
  • If the work is not on track, what are the individuals required to do for getting back on track?
  • Who need to be kept informed related to the progress and how frequently?

The project manager aims at working with the project team in the execution and control phase for the purpose of performing the work of a project according to the developed plans. The Project Manager also tries to monitor progress of a particular team, for identifying the issues or the risks that have occurred and aims at creating a mitigation plan with various teams and for reporting the status of the project on a regular basis for the numerous audiences. The phase of Execution and Control is considered to be crucial for success of the project.

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The proactive method that is related to execution of the project leads to the swift responses to various changes that are implemented in this project plan and a regular, reliable and proper levels of status that is offered by reporting to all the concerned stakeholders with the efficient information about the project. By maintaining the knowledge levels of stakeholders’ knowledge related to progress of the project, a Project Manager aims at providing them with a prospect for involvement or re-routing as required for the purpose of keeping the project progress towards the effective accomplishment.

The numerous activities based on control and execution and control methods are as follows:

  • Acquiring or securing the needed resources that include services, software and hardware.
  • Making information related to project progress accessible to the stakeholders
  • The work results or deliverable can be formed.
  • Conducting the meetings related to status review and distributing the status reports.
  • Change management that is based on technical strategies, original project scope, schedule and cost.
  • Leading and directing the project related team.
  • Ensuring that the project progresses based on the formed plan.
  • Managing the project related risks and issues.
  • Tracking the various lessons which are learned based on duration of the project.

The various duties that need to be fulfilled by the Project Manager include the following:

  • Informing task status of the project to team members.
  • Informing total status of the project on a weekly basis.
  • Organizing the regular meetings of the project team meetings for the purpose of discussing, development of planned jobs, problems or risks related to the growth, variations to the original plans for addressing the risks or problems and checking the approaching milestones.
  • Delivering the proper and regular communications to the stakeholders based on communications plan of the project.
  • Performing the control related to project changes as required.
  • Organizing the meetings related to project review with the stakeholders as required.
  • Implementing the required actions for the purpose of clearing any barriers or challenges related to the development.

Project change related control is mainly performed from the steps of project inception to the project completion as some degree of changes are inevitable on the project. The project scope and project schedule baseline are defined and needs to be maintained by continuous management of changes to baseline. The changes can be made either by declining the new changes or thereby approving the changes and incorporating them into a revised project plan.

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A Project Manager is considered to be accountable for the project status reporting on a weekly basis.  Status reporting helps the project teams and project managers for remaining on track and on the tasks. The course code PROJ6003 is a part of the units that have to be completed by the students of Laureate International University.

Unit Details:

Location: Laureate International Universities, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: PROJ6003

Brief of Assessment:

The assessment will help the students in critical analysis of the risks related to the project and development of a range of various strategies that can help in managing the risks in an effective manner. The risks can be managed properly for ensuring the expected outcomes of project management. The plans that are formed by the organizations regarding risk management can also involve determination of the ways of approaching, planning and executing the different activities for proper management of project risks.

The new risks can become a part of the project at any point of time and the effective reduction of these risks will be able to influence overall success of the project and the organization. The process of managing the project risks mainly starts from project-planning phase and continues till completion of the project-execution phase. The impact of effective communication in the process of project management will also be discussed in the assessment in detail.

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Weightage of the PROJ6003 Course Code in the Semester:

The weightage is being provided to the PROJ6003 course code is 50% and it is considered to be a major part of the knowledge that is being gained by the student regarding the effective project management. The success of the project is also dependent in the proper project management and the activities that are performed by the members who are a major part of the various project teams.

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