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PROJ6001 Integrated Project Management Assessment Answers

PROJ6001 Assignment Answers

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PROJ6001 Task Answers

The course PROJ6001 Integrated Project Management, belongs to the Laureate International Universities, United States. The subject helps the student in gaining an adequate and a detail knowledge about the concept of integrative project management. The subject also highlights the students in having a proper understanding about the various the activities and the process which needed to use while having a proper integrated project management.

The techniques and the tools which can be gained by the subject helps in understanding the importance of the process of the integrated project management. The students will be highlighted about the importance and the various kind of options which can coordinate practice and involving various kinds of resources which helps in running a successful business. The subject will also help the student in determining the importance of stakeholders in the project and to have a proper idea about how accounts assistance can manage and see the product.  

The subject will help the students in understanding the important factors of the relevant information which is needed for determining the business requirement and having relevant information which will help in achieving the project goal through successful integration of the project plans. The subject of project management and integration is considered to be the act of handling or the procedure of handling the various requirements, controlling and directing the factors which are related to the integration of the projects and thereby requiring the project goals which not only helps in maintaining a long-term sustainability but it also enhances the productivity of the business.

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The students will understand the effectiveness in dealing with various kinds of plans which will help in determining the program’s efficacy. The subject will help the student in managing various kinds of projects and the importance of scheduling time in order to complete multiple tasks from various departments and thereby managing the deliverable based upon the project objectives. The subject will also help the student in understanding the importance of relevant document management and based upon that the project deliverable and the goals need to be maintained.

The subject will also guide the student in developing various kinds of agency with the utilization of style of project management and also the subject will highlight the sequential phase by determining the methodologies and enabling the project which needs to be implemented in various departments of the organization. The subject will also help the student in developing creative projects and reducing the complexity which might develop during the project maintenance by successful implementation of creative plans and thereby achieving common goals.

The integration of the project management will help in enhancing the effectiveness of the project delivery and enhancing the changes which needs to be sustained during the integration and enabling the practitioner in aligning with the changed project by adapting the sequential and advanced tool for improving the efficacy of the project. The student will also understand the importance of various factors such as the task, resources, stakeholders and managing any kind of conflicts as well.

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Unit Details:

Location: Laureate International Universities, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: PROJ6001

Brief of Assessment:

The subject PROJ6001 assessment is based upon evaluation of the factors which comprises external and internal factors of the project which helps in successful implementation or eradication of the factors by successful implementation of plans and actions. The assessment will also focus upon providing evidence and knowledge about the kinds of communication techniques which need to be implemented for diversifying the project plans and representing all the kinds of techniques and tools along with identification of proper framework which can be utilized for successful analysis of the project and maintaining a proper application.

The assessment also highlights the importance of proper feedback system from the tutor or peer review discussion incorporating the evaluated areas and also helps in understanding the internal and external factors which impacts the successful integration of the project.  The assessment focuses upon improving the knowledge and the skills which are associated with the plan of action and understanding the importance of environmental factors which affect the project.

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Weightage of the PROJ6001 Course Code in the Semester:

The total mark of the course is 55 and that of total credit is 10.

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