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PBHE111 Health Care Administration Assessment Answer

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PBHE111 Introduction to Health Care Administration

PBHE111 represents the insight and information that identifies the overreaching and challenging issues surrounding the administration of Health Care. In addition to that, the module will also examine the operations, broad functions, and tools required in the field of administration and emphasize the need for management effectiveness in healthcare services.

PBHE111 will additionally assist the undergraduate students and the participants about they can prepare themselves for a management career in healthcare services and will also provide the program for professional development who are working as healthcare professionals.

The course PBHE111 has been associated with the university called “American Military University”. The module also incorporated different parts such as the ways of managing environments in health services, the techniques and tools to manage healthcare services, and managing proper relationships with patients.

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Unit details:-

Location:- United States

Study level:- Undergraduate Level

Unit code:- PBHE111

Brief of PBHE111 Assessment:

The module will initially discuss the issues and challenges that the health care sector is facing and those issues are going to discuss as follows:

Data security:

This is one of the main pressing issues for every single business association, comparably, for this situation of medical services, it is managing patients straightforwardly are having countless information stored in their system. Frequently it may be seen that because of the deficiency of data sets associations used to store their information in cloud storage and that is perhaps the greatest issue that they face as far as the theft of cyber security. Notwithstanding the absence of innovation and legitimate usage of gifted individuals frequently the issues of information security should be visible in this area.

The increasing cost of Equipment: 

This is another major issue that can be found in this sector of healthcare where the cost of equipment for advanced treatments is increasing and that is preventing middle-class people to adopt good treatment in healthcare. Even if in order to cope with the current trends, the sector needs to have incorporated with advanced technological equipment, still that is increasing the issues of managing the cost of gathering equipment and providing service to all category of people.

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Lack of skilled workforce and system:

This is another kind of issue that is looked at by the healthcare sector in external and internal climates. The inadequacies of workforce and programming can frustrate the capacity of an organization to appropriate comprehend their movement of process and activity management. The manual course of exercises and capacities should be changed towards programmed which can lessen the manual mistakes would programmed framework be able to can likewise guarantee about the viability in a superior manner. In addition to that finding properly skilled workers to take care of patients becomes difficult and one of the issues faced by different organizations in this healthcare industry.

After understanding the issues in the healthcare sector, now it needs to discuss different methods and tools that can incorporate to manage the healthcare services and those methods and tools are stated as follows:

Health Records in Electronics Process:

An organization may comprise various classes of information; along these lines guarding the significant and sensitive data is a vital thought for health care management. To dispose of the issues, the most important thing is that the healthcare management needs to think about is the organized and unstructured administration of information. Keeping the delicate information in discrete capacity and others in another capacity can be useful to get the outside programmers far from getting that information.

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The fundamental objective is to ensure that the information is of exceptional quality and furthermore should be accessible for the business knowledge with the uses of information examination. Ensuring those frameworks where information is put away and by having their own server rather than using the distributed storage can be one of the viable techniques to get the digital aggressors far from any issues.

Tele-health Technologies:

In this era of digitalization and technological up-gradation, the healthcare industry is capable enough to deal with taking care of patients in the digital process. Among which Telehealth technology is one of the methods where different organizations in this healthcare sector are using remote care to their presence with the wireless network. By using smart devices such as smartphones, laptops, or computers the patients can have a talk and consult with doctors using video conferencing. This will enhance the quality of work and the industry can effectively manage in terms of taking care of their patients. Health care professionals need to be trained in a proper way in order to deal with telehealth technologies.


In order to reduce human error the healthcare sector can come up with the solution of E-prescription where patients can get their reports from the internet sources and from the different organizational portals and that will not have any manual consideration in terms of errors. In addition to that by using the E-prescription system, it can provide decision-making support by checking the health conditions of the patients and other prescriptions can help in possible adverse reactions.

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Weightage of this PBHE111 Course Code in Their Semester?

This module has been examined with regards to the idea and comprehension of understanding about the health care administration or management. For an organization in this sector of healthcare, projects can be of various sorts, and in this manner dealing with the activities in various ways companies can be benefitted. For this situation obviously, it has been joined with information management. This is on the grounds that in this current period of digitalization and innovation, managing data or information is one of the key contemplations where associations are comprised with a gigantic count of patient information. This module therefore also included the process of using different methods and tools to manage the healthcare activities in a better and effective way.

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