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PACC6009 University of Newcastle Assessment Answers

PACC6009 Assignment Answers

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PACC6009 Task Answers

PACC6009 Business Law is specifically developed to cover the critical features or abilities required in developing organizational documents and establishing a solid company legal method to fulfill the essential norms and needs. The concept of business law has been divided into several sections that include academic material and comprehension of the overall system while also concentrating on its practical application.

This curriculum code is meant to help learners comprehend the essential concepts of how successful business law may be established to help them in future professional talks and endeavors. The University of Newcastle in Australia designed this syllabus with professionals in a real-world corporate picture in mind so that when students complete this degree program and join the employment market, they are fully aware of the suppositions, conceptions, and aspects related to establishing an efficient business law circumstances.

The complexity and intensity of the argument would change at this level, hence this course was designed for postgraduate students. The topic of business law is quite crucial when it comes to the overall success of a firm, thus the discussion at the postgraduate level is extremely vital in nature.

As a result, the purpose of this curriculum is to provide students with specific clarification on how business law varies from other types of legislation and how its identifications must be taken into account for its efficacy. Commercial law, often known as business law, is the system of laws that controls commerce and trade.

It is frequently regarded as a component of the legal system and works with both corporate and government law concerns. Business agreements, employment procedures, and the manufacturing and selling of consumer products are all governed by business law.

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Unit Details:

This course has been methodically designed to expose students to both academic principles and the actual application of business law in organizations in comparable quantities. Accountancy and allied disciplines rely on the legislative structure provided by business law to inform their practical conduct. This course covers both contractual and business law, as well as an introduction to the Australian legal system, covering foundations of law, judicial systems, and tort law.

Contract law develops topics such as the law of offer and acceptance, obligation, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of agreement penalties, and agreements about the trade of products. Consumer legislation, the Competition and Consumer Act, principal and agent, ownership, corporations, consumer credit, and insolvency law are all themes covered in commercial law.

The Master of Professional Accounting (Advanced) program is intended for individuals who have a degree in a discipline other than accounting and want to get a solid understanding of accounting ideas and methods. This unit will cover how to communicate properly accounting records to, and interact with, both lawyers and non-accountants, and work independently to use technical knowledge and professional judgment in accounting activities.

The unit also explains how to work successfully in groups to employ specialized skills and expert judgment in accounting activities, as well as to demonstrate professional competency in the use of digitalization in accounting situations. Further, it teaches how to participate in the critical use of accounting knowledge and abilities to solve an accounting issue or case, as well as the implementation of professional skills that include a grasp of social, moral, financial, legislative, and global viewpoints.

It displays advanced conceptual and applied financial understanding and abilities, as well as proficiency in their implementation, applies applicable theories, concepts, and techniques to accounting/business strategic planning research, and uses sophisticated theoretical understanding of global business to solve problems.

Location: Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: PACC6009

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Brief of Assessment:

Students who complete the course will be capable of recognizing and repeating the main aspects of the Australian judicial process, particularly chosen business legislation that is part of that system. Identify and recall the sources of law in Australia, as well as appreciate and apply the key concepts of contract law to issue scenarios that arise in business contexts.

Display a framework in order of tort law, especially negligence law as it relates to a legal obligation and the duty of care; statutory interpretation of consumer safety, actions of competitors, precepts, and agents, assets, corporate entities, personal loans, and insolvency; and apply these fundamentals to critically examine and assess applicable difficult issues.

When a firm is created as collaboration, the participants join an organization that allows them to share earnings and run the company equally. Shareholders in this sort of business organization are also personally accountable for all business liabilities and civil proceedings arising from treaties or other commitments.

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This area of law also includes workforce and agencies laws, contracts, ownership, sales, business organizations, corporate bonds, and bailment. When engaging with consumer and customer safety, policy, or will and inheritance preparation, one may come into business laws. Foreign students enrolled in this program on campus must enrol full-time to meet the criteria of their student visas and complete their studies within the usual minimum program period.

International students who need enrolling guidance can go into the program plan for the semester and year they wish to start. Students must accomplish 160 units of coursework to accomplish the unit. This is obtained by completing twelve core programs of ten units each, as well as four specialized courses selected from International Business, Information Technology, or a combination of the two.

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Weightage of the PACC6009 Course in the Semester

PACC6009 Business Law is a full-time degree course that requires students to obtain at least 60% to finish the semester and qualify for the following semester. This course's weightage is divided between class quizzes, class tests, mid-term assignments, and final exams; for students to qualify for the following semester, they must at least achieve the basic pass grades that certify their eligibility for the university's eligibility standards.

Learners must receive at least 60% of the weighted score points assigned to each activity to pass all assessment tests. This is a full-time postgraduate course offered by the university that requires students to attend lectures both online and in-person regularly to progress to the next trimester in each scholastic year.

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