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NX9637 Business & Management Assessment Answers

NX9637 Assignment Answers

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NX9637 Task Answers

This unit (NX9637) explains how to set standards for the design and production of organisational documents, as well as how to manage document design and production procedures to ensure that agreed-upon standards are met. It applies to people who operate in a variety of settings and need to be proficient in the usage of a variety of software programmes. They employ these abilities to define, document, and apply uniform document design standards inside a company.

Within periodic and scheduled timelines, NX9637 assessment answer will be designed to reinforce and extend knowledge and skill competence within set and controlled parameters in accordance with each unit's learning outcomes and performance criteria requirements, including the setting of work-based practical application tasks to provide evidence of competence outcomes.

Students must demonstrate the following skills: - identify organisational needs, requirements, and information technology capabilities related to document design and production; - establish documentation standards to meet organisational requirements; - design, test, and amend document templates; - develop and implement documentation and training to support the use of standard templates and macros; and - monitor the implementation of standard templates and macros.

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Students will also be expected to demonstrate their understanding of the following topics: - explain the software applications relevant to document design and development in the organisation; - describe document production processes; - identify costs associated with the implementation of standard documentation; - describe the software applications relevant to document design and development in the organisation; - identify essential provisions of relevant legislation and regulations, codes, and standards that govern document creation; - describe organisational policies and procedures relating to document production; and - list external sources of expertise available to the organisation or workgroup.

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Unit Details:

Location: United Kingdom

Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: NX9637

NX9637 code is offered at eight weeks module which means that applicants will have to cover two subjects over a span of eight weeks. If this is for part-timers who are working somewhere else and also want to pursue this course, they will have to cover a minimum of one unit over eight weeks duration. They would be given enough freedom to successfully complete the course as there will be no need for juggling plenty of units at once.

Also, due to the nature of classes which is smaller and timetable focused and highly collaborate, students will have to sufficient time to spend with their colleagues and friends and industry partners. These all will be helpful in building up a strong professional network. Due to the friendliness of the model the student’s results and their level of engagement have improved in the past. Moreover, it has helped fetch multiple international awards to VU for innovation and excellence.

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Brief of Assessment:

This module's validated module description has the following goal:

  1. Allow students to do in-depth research on a topic of personal interest in the field of construction management
  2. Enhance the ability of students to conduct rigorous and theoretically informed research
  3. Help students comprehend the connections between conceptual issues, subject matter, and research methods.
  4. Provide experience in the development and implementation of a research project, as well as the subsequent writing up of research findings in a dissertation or project report for the student.

Learning outcomes:

The student should be able to: After successfully completing the module, the learner should be able to:

LO1: Demonstrate the ability to start a research project by gathering information from a variety of sources and managing the retrieval and organisation of that material efficiently and effectively.

LO2: Conduct a systematic investigation into a research paper problem by determining the problem's purpose and objectives, employing proper research technique with a well-argued reason, and using Harvard referencing.

LO3: assess data from academic research and professional practise critically, incorporate knowledge and ideas from a range of sources, and construct a theoretical framework appropriate to the research challenge.

LO4: Demonstrate a critical understanding of research design and how it can be applied to a specific research goal.

LO5: analyse and interpret ethically sourced research data, and report the findings in an acceptable format.

LO6: present research findings in writing in a clear, coherent, and academically acceptable manner.

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This module is based on a thorough grasp of the global supply chain and gives a wide comprehension of the principles and concepts that underpin the strategic and operational performance of organisations in relation to one another within the international supply chain.

The goal of this module is to help you better understand how to manage your own on-going personal and professional development so that you can achieve long-term career success and improve your business acumen. In this context, personal and professional development entails giving you intellectual resources and experiential opportunities to broaden your perspectives and challenge your actions, attitudes, and behaviours.

This course will provide you the opportunity to think about how new theory and frameworks might help you understand human resource difficulties that arise in cross-cultural situations. You'll learn about human resource concerns and problems that arise as a result of business internalisation. The role play evaluation also provides an opportunity to put those theories into practise and engage in management issue solving.

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What is the Weightage of this NX9637 Course Code in Their Semester?

Each 6-credit Postgraduate course at CQ University needs a total time commitment of 150 hours, based on an average of 12.5 hours of study per week.

Assessment Task


Written Assessment


Group Work


Online Quiz(zes)


This is a graded unit, thus your overall grade will be computed from the marks or grades you receive for each assessment activity, based on the relative weightings listed above. To pass the unit, you must receive at least a 50% overall grade or a 'pass' overall grade.

If any of the 'pass/fail' tasks in the table above are listed, they must be performed successfully (a 'pass' grade). In addition, as indicated in the 'assessment task' section, you must fulfil any minimum mark requirements specified for a specific assessment task (note that in some instances, the minimum mark for a task may be greater than 50 per cent).

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