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NURS6052 Policy and Advocacy Assessment Answer

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NURS 6052 Essentials of Evidence Based Practice

NURS 6052 is a very special medical course that is specified for is evidence-based working skills that enhances the overall capability of a student as a future medical professional as it acknowledges very susceptible has services and medical needs that are ground-breaking evidence is towards the new world.

NURS 6052 mainly focuses on the learning ability of a student in terms of encouraging the workforce and educating the student with the help of training and that is why they have introduced educational programs that are mainly based on evidence in terms of practical knowledge and skills that have the student to gain data from the practical world.

The main aim and objective of the course are to innovate and bring changes in the course and with the help of the course the student can be very professional and terms of organizational development and the involvement of nurses in medical courses that can be beneficial for serving the patients in their full capacity. That is why the learning skill encourages the students to learn a lot about a practical skill as well as theoretical knowledge and it provides them with various kinds of materials and data that are available for the study.

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NURS 6052 is very much practical based and it helps in sustaining the health services and restores it from its conventional counterpart. With the help of this new level of enthusiasm, the students can prefer Medical indulgences and implementation of evidence-based learning skills that can facilitate environmental help and activate various new strategies in medical help by applying them in the practical field of work. Therefore, it can be said that the study is a guaranteed course for learning the nursing skills that are not only helpful for the patients and their services but it also is a very innovative and strategic method that can be crucial for the overall development of a student and help them in delivering better service to their patients

Unit details

This unit mainly focuses on the evidence-based practices that can protect the student from the monotony of theoretical courses were also integers m into more adventurous and tactical resources that can be very different from the conventional way of teaching. In this method of teaching the primary focus is implemented on various resources that are done on evidence-based practices because the evidence required service search to be done for proper implementation of the learning.

Therefore, the main intention of the unit is to provide all the evidences that are there at and for the student to investigate and connector data for overall practices that can be beneficial for understanding the skills and requirements of the unit. Is a very unique kind of innovative method that not only enhances the skills and technique of the student in terms of nursing capability but it also increases them into learning the various information about the course and prepares them to be a part of the new world where different innovative methods are used for nursing skills.

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Apart from theoretical knowledge the course also indulges in practical skills at a very intensive scale where did learn about different Tools and techniques in the use of modern and tools that are mostly used in medical science. The main use of these tools is very evident in assessing the main attributes of the unit and it is also a very thoughtful plant technique to associate these uses of various techniques to the practical skills that are required for taking decisions at the time of medical emergency.

The practical learning skills enhance the student's presence of mind and it provides them with the opportunity to take decisions and problem-solving skills that can be very beneficial for the student to implement the skills in their practical work. The unit focuses more on the projects and practice learnings that are very efficient for the overall learning skill of the students.


Walden University, US

Study level

Bachelor’s and post-graduate degree

Unit code

6052 NURS

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Brief of NURS 6052 Assessment

The main intention of the NURS 6052 assessment is to enhance the practical knowledge of the nurses in the modern scenery of Medical Science where everything is being organised in a very system it reminded and it provides students with the opportunity of unique learning skills that can be very beneficial for them. It has students understanding the main criteria of modern nursing school and how it can be beneficial for understanding the different ways of learning ability that are very helpful for them to understand and apply in their work.

NURS 6052 not only focuses on acquiring theoretical knowledge about medical facilities and nursing skills but also prepares students for an upcoming challenge of understanding the overall knowledge skills and theories that can be beneficial for them to apply in the future. A person owning a lot of theoretical knowledge take it to learn about the Tools and techniques and the use of modern amenities that are currently used in medical science. The students are given the opportunity of handling the tools before they enter into the practical field of work and that is why it prepares them and provide them with the training of handling various tools that are currently used in medical institutions.

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Weightage of the NURS 6052 Course

6052 NURS is a course that is a full-time degree course that is taught in the university and it is a very important course for modern medical aspirants to have. With the help of the course, a student gets to score very high and take it to learn a lot of practical knowledge that can be very beneficial for them to initiate in their practical field of work. The weight age of the course was a very high score and it helps the student to score a lot of good grades that will enhance their overall percentage and it will also be very impressive for their future. The course mostly is based on practical skills and that is why at least 40% of the total course is based on practical courses whereas the rest of the 60% is theoretical.

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