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NURS 340B Public Health Nursing Assessment Answer

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NURS 340B Public Health Nursing  

The NURS 340B Public Health Nursing provides the theoretical framework to understand public health principles and skills to offer preventative and health-promoting services for the entire population. It is a course associated with West Coast University. The course consists of 1.5 credits. A public health nurse has many critical responsibilities and their role is crucial in improving the health of the community. A public health nurse advocates for positive changes in the population health and utilizes tools and other methods to promote health. Through this course, the nurses will learn about key public health principles and the responsibilities of a public health nurse. The assessment will cover details on health-promoting efforts in public health.

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Unit details:

Location: The West Coast University has six campus locations across the USA. It also has an online program designed for working professionals. The University is fully dedicated to preparing the next generations of nursing professionals. All prospective students qualify for admission to the University only when they have certain requirements. These are proof of high school graduation, meeting all programmatic admissions criteria, participation in an interview with the University advisor, completion of an application for admission, and the execution of enrolment agreement.

Study level: The course is for all graduate students in the Public Health field. The need for public health professionals has been seen because of the growing incidence of diseases and health inequality. They can provide support during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the AIDs crisis. Public health professional also advocates for daily life issues such as access to safe drinking water and waste management. They can investigate about the spread of diseases or advocate for better public health policies. By completing the Bachelor’s degree in public, they can take the first step towards a successful career in the field.

Unit code: 340B

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Brief of NURS 340B Assessment:

The NURS 340B assessment is designed to test the knowledge of students regarding the key public health principles, key nursing knowledge and responsibilities related to public health, health promotion principles, and protective services for the population. The NURS 340B assessment covers the detail on the basic population such as basic facilities such as teaching plans, public health, and key disorders such as system disorder.

The students graduating from West Coast University aim to fulfill various outcomes. Students completing this course should be able to analyse health care systems and public health policies. It will consider local and regulatory dimensions, the influence of different agencies and branches of governments. Students will also be able to apply the principles of public health including other related factors such as the science of human health, health-related needs, determinants of health disparities, and promotion of public health across the life span. Based on the design of case studies and relevant public health acting principles, the course will demonstrate project planning skills by building students' skills in needs assessment, goal setting, and program evaluation.

After clearing the course content, students will be able to communicate public health messages effectively. Public health is a field where students need to determine to interact with diverse professional groups and they can learn about ways to communicate health messages in the public. The assessment also covers the history of public health, philosophy, core values, and functions across the globe.

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The purpose of the NURS 340B assessment is to support decision-making in health care and provide information on the health of the individual and the population. In the area of public health, community assessment is one of the three core functions. Public health nurses recognize that the communities in which the entire individual resides affect the health and well-being of all stakeholders. The advantage of the assessment tool is that it guides public health regarding the appropriate course of action.

The key chapters that will be covered are the Public Health Nursing Associate Tool (PHNAT) and the Minnesota Department of Health Population-Based Nursing Practice Intervention Wheel Strategies. The PHNAT has four foundations of health measures to achieve the goal of Healthy People 2020. The key indicators are determinants of health, quality of life, disparities, and general health status. \

The public health assessment can also help to estimate the environmental impact of any disease and identify potential human exposure pathways. This assessment is useful in evaluating site conditions, examining the public health implications of site-related exposures, address public health actions, and responding to community health concerns. The course can also give an idea about the factors to be considered in public health assessments such as the nature and extent of contamination, demographics, pathways of human exposure, health effects, and disease-related data.

The difference between a public health assessment from a risk assessment process is that quantitative risk assessment in public health is done by a regulator. They can evaluate the possible harmful exposures and recommend actions to promote public health. The steps like data generation, exposure assessment, and toxicological evaluation can provide additional perspectives on public health.

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The case studies and other chapters in the course can give an idea about the community health assessment process and its impact on improved public health decision-making. The community health assessment provides a framework for public health agencies to identify and describe population health needs. The factors contributing to health outcomes and resource availability can be determined. The community assessment process is a long-term and systematic effort to address public health problems based on assessment activities. The community health assessment and improvement planning is a logical and systematic way to support the decision-making process.

The improvement plan implementation and the barriers faced in the practical world are well documented. Much research evidence exists regarding how staff implements assessment and planning mechanisms to generate community engagement and collaboration processes. It prompts collaboration with other health system stakeholders and implementation barriers such as low capacity, lack of funds and constrained resources. With this knowledge, nurses will have great confidence in handling complex issues related to public health and translate the knowledge into decisions and actions.  

Weightage of this NURS340B Course Code in the Semester

The course code NURS340B public health nursing consists of 1.5 credits and it has a weightage of 20%.

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