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NUR302 Leadership In Clinical Practice Assessment Answers

NUR302 Assignment Answers

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NUR302 Task Answers

Leadership is critical to the delivery of safe, high-quality clinical care. Every clinician, whether formally or informally, plays a leadership role. Students will gain clinical leadership understanding and skills and examine their applicability to their future practise in order to prepare for their professional role as a Registered Nurse (RN). Students will critically analyse existing leadership skills and behaviours, as well as improve clinical supervisory and delegating talents and competences. These will aid in your and others' career development.

Consistency, range, and complexity of knowledge and abilities are demonstrated. Utilization of knowledge and abilities in unknown situations on one's own. Meeting the degree's professional criteria and AQF descriptions. When discipline-specific initial or growing knowledge or abilities are required, pre-requisites may well be required. Normally completed in the 3rd or 4th year of a full-time bachelor degree.

The ethical requirement for university involvement is academic honesty. It assures that students graduate after demonstrating their competence in their field. This is critical for academic credentials to retain their worth. Each sector has its own set of expectations and criteria for skills and knowledge, which are represented in assessments.

Intellectual integrity entails not engaging in any conduct that is deemed academic fraud, such as plagiarism, collusion, or outsourcing any aspect of an assessment item to another individual. The students must be scrupulously honest by doing all work independently and noting which ideas and facts were produced by them and which were obtained from others in their work.

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Students are unable to share their evaluation work with others. They must also show evidence of extensive and analytical reading, generally through the use of relevant academic reference. To reduce the risk of academic misconduct, this program may demand that some of the assessment assignments be electronically reviewed using Safe Assign before being uploaded to Blackboard. Text evaluations between their provided ways to show and other work that Potentially dangerous situation has reference to are possible with this programme.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Use the NMBA RN standards in a variety of clinical practise management settings.
  2. Evaluate and critically reflect on the attributes and abilities of RN transformational leadership practices of clinical practise.
  3. Utilize prioritisation, delegation, and performance of the system within the nursing workforce.
  4. Analyze the leadership links between the Registered Nurse's leadership and clinical outcomes in a collaborating health professional.

Unit Details:

Location: Missouri State University, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: NUR302

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Brief of Assessment:

  • Assessment Task 1:


Students will collaborate with their colleagues to gather evidence-based data on essential leadership skills of Registered Nurses in clinical practise.


Students will participate in an online discussion with their classmates in which they will express their assessment of two leadership characteristics in RN practise as they relate to the NMBA Registered Nurse Practice standards. In week 4, the students will work with their classmates to create a discussion on the topic.


  • Evaluation of RN leadership abilities in light of the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards of Proficiency
  • Examples of use in clinical practise
  • Written interaction and exposition, using APA-style referencing
  • Collaborate with your classmates to create a discussion on the subject.

Learning Outcome: 1 & 2

  • Assessment Task 2:


Students will critically evaluate the role of a registered nurse as a leadership in a nursing workforce.


  • Critically review the registered nurse's leading role in a nursing workforce
  • Analyze the nurse practitioner leadership tasks and importance of emphasising care, representatives, and oversight in a nursing workforce
  • Apply the NMBA Registered Nurse Practice standards in identifying leadership roles for safe and effective care in the clinical situation


  • Critical analysis and assessment of the registered nurse's leadership traits and abilities within a nursing workforce.
  • Registered Nurses' prioritisation, delegation, and supervisory roles within a nursing workforce.
  • Defining leadership duties in the safe and excellent care for the situation using the NMBA Registered Nurse Practice standards.
  • Textual interaction and presentation, with APA-style citation.

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Learning Outcome: 1, 2 & 3.

  • Assessment Task 3:


Examine the connections between nurse management, collaborative teams, and patient outcomes.


The students will create a 2000-word essay case study approach that involves checking the position of the registered nurse in a collaborative health professional and examines how the registered nurse might affect health outcomes as leaders.


  • A critical examination of the registered nurse's factor in boosting patient outcomes as part of a collaborative health professionals.
  • Examining the registered nurse's position as a leader in cooperating with other healthcare personnel
  • Identifying two professional improvement learning goals and using the NMBA Nurse Practitioner Standards for Practice
  • Written interaction and presentation, with APA-style referencing

Learning Outcome: 1, 2 & 4.

A 12-unit program would have a total of 150 studying hours, that will comprise led study time (including online if necessary), self-directed education, and work fulfillment. Locations may have different hours for directed study. The effort for each system is calculated at 12.5 learning hours.

This section of the course health & security concerns has been determined to be minimal. It is the student's responsibility to reacquaint themselves with the University's basic health and safety principles by evaluating the offered online training for students and trying to follow the directions of the University staff by evaluating course content, searching online, discussing with instructor and students, and understanding the risks to health affiliated with their specific field of study.

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Date of submission of evaluation assignments will result in a maximum penalty of:

  • For the very first two days following the date set as the evaluation task's deadline, 5% (of the assessment task's level determined) every day
  • 10% (of the evaluation task's recognized value) on the third day,
  • 20% (of the evaluation task's recognized value) on the fourth day, and 20% (of the evaluation task's recognized value) on the fourth and consecutive days up until and including 7 days after the evaluation task's deadline.
  • A score of zero is given for an assessment assignment that is completed within seven days of the evaluation task's due date.

The computation of days late includes both weekdays and weekends.

Weightage of the NUR302 Course Code in the Semester:


Type of Assessment

Mode of Assessment

Word Count Limitation

Time of Submission

Mode of Submission




(Leadership Qualities in Clinical Practice)

Individual based

250 words

Week 3

Online board of discussion.




(Leadership in a Nursing Team)

Individual based

1500 words

Week 6

Online Submission along with plagiarism check.




(Leadership in Collaborative Teams)

Individual based

2000 words

Week 10

Online Submission along with plagiarism check.


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