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NUR1201 Partnering in Care Assessment Answers

NUR1201 Assignment Answers

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NUR1201 Task Answers

The involvement of the patient and the families or relevant others in generating care management solutions is acknowledged in the Australian code of behaviour for nurse practitioners. In past decades, the clinical situation has evolved as an important figure of merit in assessing the efficiency and integrity of care services and organizations.

Several health agencies emphasize the individuality and their customer perspective as a performance initiative. Three vital threads are woven into the unique patient encounter: customizing treatment, adapting treatments to match specific requirements and aspirations, and involving patients are key components of the partnership. This program is built on patient-centred care concepts and practices.

This course focuses on enhancing patient outcomes through collaboration with children and communities. Novice student nurses must have a firm grasp on patient-centred treatment and the importance of developing cooperative practise techniques. The skills acquired are integrity, regard, knowledge exchange, and cooperative decision-making. Registered nurse characteristics and traits will be emphasized in the related skills and understanding.

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To optimize their probability of achieving the instructional goals and be knowledgeable on degree programme events and management, students must engage correctly in all planning commissions about them and examine all information supplied to them or necessary to be accessible by the students themselves. The supervised study portion of this course requires participation in online group discussions.

This curriculum analyses and assures quality checks and enhancements in at minimum two methods to satisfy the University's goals of establishing excellent instruction and learning processes for all programmes.

This module includes the following topics:

  • To guarantee continuing surveillance and methodical development adheres to the USQ Strategy on Training, Coursework, and Plans.
  • It is evaluated against the institutional USQ assessment procedures that include severe requirements in external validation of educational programmes, (ii) tight convergence of corporate and academic management, and (iii) frequent and thorough evaluation.
  • Across an independent certification procedure, it becomes a component of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia's (NMBA) academic certification requirements.

The course module uses the American Psychological Association (APA) citation style. Students must utilize this technique to organize the specifics of the resources of material they've referenced in their papers. The USQ public library's referring guideline specifies the APA citation format to be utilized.

Workstation, whether personal laptop or computer, is required with official e-mail specifically for educational purpose and Internet connectivity where the students can study and get connected between working hours through the official platform assigned (UConnect). USQ's Digital Bookshop offers all the courses and resources accessible for acquisition.

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Unit Details:

Location: Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: NUR1201

Brief of the Assessment:

Students who complete this program will be entitled to gain the following learning objectives at the end of the program:

  • Explain the structure, meaning, and significance of the patient service encounter and collaboration in care in today's healthcare environment.
  • Study the meanings of patient satisfaction, patient-centred care, and collaborating in care, and consider the significance of these terms in healthcare provision.
  • Consider the ideas of decency, tolerance, privacy, and shared judgement calls as you consider the patient outcomes.
  • Analyze the elements that help or hinder patient satisfaction and collaboration in treatment within healthcare institutions.
  • Establish and put into practice important Australian governing bodies that encourage and maintain professional ethics of patient care outcomes and provide people authority over a situation, way of life, and wellness support.

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The student must also follow some important NUR1201 assessment instructions to complete this assignment.

  • Attendance: To optimize their chances of fulfilling the program goals and to be knowledgeable on degree programme events and management, students must engage correctly in all events planned for them and read all information supplied to them or necessary to be accessible by them. The supervised study portion of this program includes participation in virtual conversation groups.
  • Marks: To accomplish all evaluation criteria, learners must receive 50 per cent of the adjusted score points given for every topic. The prerequisites for receiving a passing mark in this module are listed below.
  • Late Submission: Students are required to submit the work on time. If they failed to do so, a penalty would be imposed on the student.
  • Appraisal: A candidate must receive at minimum 50percent of the weighted score available for the program to receive a pass mark.
  • Final result: The average of the graded marks received with each of the evaluative elements for the curriculum will be used to provide final grades to the candidates.
  • Exam: There is no examination for this curriculum.
  • Student policy: To prevent behaviours that violate University rules and practices, students should study the USQ regulations. 

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Weightage of the NUR1201 Course Code in the Semester:

The module is conducted by the faculty of health, engineering, and sciences of nursing and midwifery. It is a semester 2 based online exam. It has a graded based system. It has one unit consisting of 5 topics with varying weights.

The list of topics, along with the description, is as follows:


Topic Description



Overview of healthcare consumers and advocacy and their impact on healthcare policies and institutions.



Patient-centred care individualized treatment, adapting solutions that match patient requirements and aspirations and involving patients as part of good care practice.  Fundamentals of patient-centred care with dignity and due respect by sharing information and experiences of involvement and collaboration.



The influence of digital systems on interaction in complicated settings.



Reliability indicators and consequences in healthcare coverage.



Patient satisfaction and partnership in service confront legal, cultural, and moral dilemmas of decency, empathy, anonymity, and collective decision.


The expected time required by the student for their input in the module is divided into the following pattern:

  • Study process directed- 94 hours.
  • Assessment- 45 hours.
  • Online lectures series- 13 hours.
  • Online video and tutorials- 13 hours.

There are two sets of assessments in the course study that have to be completed compulsorily with passing marks. A total of 200 marks are given to this assignment section, where the marks are divided as 100 marks for each module. Assignment 1 and 2 has 100 marks with 50 per cent equal weights, and both cover all the five learning objectives mentioned earlier.

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