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NRSG210 Mental Health Nursing Assessment Answers

NRSG210 Assignment Answers

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NRSG210 Task Answers

This unit shall be having the primary aim of integrating efficient development of knowledge meant for mental, biopsychosocial as well as physical factors, which provide with a contributing hand towards improving the likes of family, personal, community as well as individual mental health in all prime aspects. In addition to this, the unit also carries out specific examination of role meant for nurses as well as the health team caring for human lives that have the necessary containment of alterations to their existent emotional as well as mental wellbeing across their entire lives.

Particularly, the subjects to be taught throughout the entire unit shall be enabling the students to carry out appropriate development of having a holistic as well as a consumer-oriented recovery approach for provisioning with an adequate nursing. This shall be allowing them to highlight the various forms of therapeutic usage of self, legal, professional as well as ethical boundaries having a prime influence upon the associated practice.

This specific unit shall be allowing the enrolled students to gain appropriate experience in working as mental health nurses. This will allow them to gain the specific capability of having built effective forms of relationships with all the patients they are attended utilizing such concepts of mental health services as well as their relatives who carry out caring. This also allows them to have a specific helping hand in undertaking medication and prescribing the same to their attending patients help they improve their existent medical conditions. In addition to this, the enrolled students shall also be able to gain specific attention in advising their patients also with therapies or might be social activities in specific terms.

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The unit will also provide with a brief information regarding the likes of what mental health nursing is all about. This is also referred to as psychiatric nursing, which refers to a specialized field of nursing practice having the primary involvement of caring for individuals possessed with a mental health disorder. This also provides them with a helping hand in recovering as well as improving their associated quality of life.

The unit will also teach the enrolled students with a brief explanation of the primary importance associated with this course unit and mental health nursing. In particular, mental health nurses efficiently carrying out assessment as well as looking after the needs of individual patients in terms of mental health for individuals, communities, families as well as groups. In addition to this, mental health nursing is also an important required allowing them to diagnose as well as treat mental illnesses having the containment of multiple forms of solutions including the likes of psychotherapy as well as prescribing medication.

This unit is supposed to allow the enrolled students to shape their career towards the healthcare industry, where mental health nursing will allow them with better opportunities to become a part of this industry rather than the other existent similar jobs offering them with a lower exposure to expect growth within their careers. The specific course content will provide the enrolled students with the help in having a better understanding of mental health nursing and appropriately dealing with the multiple mental health disorders resulting in better forms of human lives, coming to them as patients.

Most of the people diagnosed with mental illness are efficiently treated across the community rather than admitting them to any form of healthcare institution. However, nurses are always welcome either in a home care or a healthcare organization depending on the primary requirement of the patient as well as the associates of the respective person diagnosed with the mental disorder.

In addition to this, the unit is supposed to provide with a brief understanding of becoming various kinds of healthcare professionals such as the likes of psychologists, psychiatrists, healthcare assistants as well as social workers. As a reason, various learning outcomes of the respective course unit has been discussed in the following sections to put forward a better understanding.

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Unit Details:

Location: Australian Catholic University, Australia

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: NRSG210

Brief of Assessment:

This assessment is supposed to provide with the basic training and a core experience of working as mental nurses, assessing human mental health condition, treating them with care and appropriately diagnosing the same with required medication at all terms. However, the course unit shall be supplying with a long list of learning outcomes, which will allow them to obtain all the required knowledge in working as mental health nurses under all kinds of healthcare conditions.

As a reason, the following points have clearly outlined all the unit learning outcomes to be obtained by the enrolled students upon having a successful completion of the course.

  • The unit will allow the enrolled students to obtain relative information regarding the knowledge of mental health nursing as well as associated knowledge required to work in such healthcare conditions.
  • The enrolled students will be able to obtain information regarding the Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses (PMH APRNs) that have been licensed to credentialing practice of mental health practice and associated treatment.  
  • The enrolled students will also be able to obtain specific knowledge regarding the appropriate forms of communication to be carried out at such mental healthcare working premises, which will help them to deal with every individual kind of patient admitted with some kind of a mental health condition.
  • The course content will also provide the enrolled students with the ability to treat such mental patients in a communal setting. This shall be boosting their associated confidence and help them gain significant experience in working as mental health nurses for treating the mental nurses in specific terms.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, the enrolled students will obtain a specific certificate to start their practice as mental health nurses.

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Weightage of the NRSG210 Course Code in the Semester:

The total weight of the entire course code is of 10 credit points. Additionally, the course is divided into 3 parts stated in the following table, where the total course is of 150 hours.

Assessment task


Online quizzes.

20% of the whole unit

Written assessment

50% of the whole unit

Reflective practice assignment

30% of the whole unit

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