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NRS440VN Assessment Answers

NRS440VN Trends And Issues In Today Health Care Assignment Answers

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NR283 Task Answers:

The course NRS440VN trends and issues in today health care which is provided by the Grand Canyon University situated in Phoenix, Arizona aims to make the students understand the condition of healthcare in the current years. The course focuses on the American healthcare system. The students are guided to identify the new and more developed trends and issues which are now trending the contemporary healthcare situation. The course requires regular rigorous reading. The other course materials include: policy documents from government agencies and nonprofit research organizations; articles from popular press outlets; and academic articles from health care journals. The course focuses on teaching the students how to examine the position and role of a federal, state and local government with respect to public heath through health policy and law.

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The issues arising in public heath sectors are addressed to keep the students aware of the environment and the challenges that they will be facing in the real world. A descriptive unit details along with details like location, study levels, unit codes are mentioned along with a brief of the course and the weightage of the course which will help the students to understand the way this course is beneficial for them.

Unit Details:

The course NRS440VN trends and issues in today health care contain topics that are covered by a structured and organized form of curriculum. It starts with the basic introduction to nursing in a particular specialty area. The knowledge provided by the previous courses are also brushed up in this course as the ideas and concepts left behind plat an integral role in understanding the structure of this course. The students are taught about the different nursing standards which should be known before taking this course. After this step by step the legal aspects of medical care will be aught. Along with those the diagnosis, process of communication and pharmacology are offered to the students who wish to sign up for this course.

This course offers a lot along with the delivery of theories and methods. The essential factors of medical science which are taught in his course, the students are taught about several wide topics like nurse management and even sociological elements like being culturally aware. Thus, only registered nurses are allowed to sign up for the course which will help them to build the required skills and aspects of code of conduct. Such training and learning can help them to flourish in the medical field and serve the patients better.

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Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Unit Code: NRS440VN

Study Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Brief of the Assessment:

The course NRS440VN trends and issues in today health care provided by the Grand Canyon University can help the students interested in studying healthcare understand the other aspects and elements which can potentially have an effect on healthcare policies and plans. Healthcare is seen to be a fundamental right; however, its function is dependent on the political and social condition of the country. The authorities will have to invest more in healthcare in order to develop the system and introduce effective and useful plans. Expensive equipment and arranging for proper training along with the requirement of the healthcare sector will be primarily funded by the governing body which will great amount of investment.

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This course particularly focuses on the American healthcare system which will be evaluated to identify the areas where certain mind of reformation is majorly needed. The students are taught to carefully understand the system of healthcare sector which can allow them to explore and discover various types of plans and policies. Grand Canyon University is seen to be possessing a strict academic structure which is usually provide to the students as a framework which will help them to understand what is exactly being asked from them.  The systematic and structured framework will have to be followed by all students to deeply understand the regular challenges which are faced in the healthcare sector. By the end of the last segment which is mentioned in the course structure, the students are expected to efficiently understand the various layered steps and actions which are taken in the healthcare industry and the purpose behind it.

Therefore, the students should be able to understand the main objectives of improving the quality of health care, giving more care to citizens and decreasing the cost of health care.

Weightage of this NRS440VN Course Code in Their Semester:

The course NRS440VN trends and issues in today health care provide three credits and a minimum of 50% is required to qualify for receiving the certificate of completion. As the module was designed keeping in mind the components of the course, it is highly important to understand the ways of assessing students to track their progress and their involvement with the course materials. As different subjects will have to be undertaken in order to pass the paper, the papers included individually have credit scores which adds up to form the ultimate weightage of the module. The design of the module contains the papers which encompass the medical as well other areas which are required for the purpose of training and interacting with the patients.

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After the submission of the assignments and papers made for the course, the department of medical science and healthcare of Grand Canyon University will provide recognition of efforts and also give the opportunity of getting internships which can increase the scope for exposure. In this way students can make use of the theories and concepts that they have studied to apply them in the real medical field. Besides studying, the impact of learning will be deeper if the same learning is used in the outside world as that can make the effects of the classes and the module prominent in the mind of the students. They will be able to figure out the challenges and merits of the theories that are being taught to them.

Along with that their communication skills and the etiquettes required for interacting and greeting patients will be noticed. Such practices will develop the students to be actively involved in the process of learning as they notice the area or scope of improvement which is needed on their behalf to contribute and serve people.

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