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NRS433V Assessment Answers

NRS433V Professional Caption and Practicum Assignment Answers

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NRS433V Task Answers

The course NRS433V belongs to the Grand Canyon University in the United States. The unit deals with The Introduction to Nursing Research. It is an intensive writing course that promotes the implementation of research findings. It is depended on enhancing the clinical practices of the nurses or the fresh nursing students. The course helps the students to understand both the qualitative and quantitative methodologies of research.

Specifically, it focuses on the procedure of critical review and its implementation within the clinical practices. It also includes the primary understanding of the evidence-based practice within the field of nursing. The entire unit aims to:

  • Provide the students a capability of evaluating the importance of research in nursing. It helps to improve the outcomes for patients.
  • Provide a capability to the nursing students to identify their unique language within the field of nursing research.
  • Provide a capability to the students to identify important elements within the evidence-based practice.
  • Enhance the students’ understanding about the steps in nursing research procedure.

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As stated above, the entire course aims to enhance the understanding of the student’s knowledge about existing research procedure especially implemented for improving the patient outcome.

Unit Details:

NRS433V – defines the role of research in the field of nursing. As per the name suggest, research can be interpreted as a procedure of scientific investigation. Nursing is a profession where you need effective skills to investigate about different things at the same time. Researchers have also mentioned that research means examine carefully. In short and simple words, the term research refers to the kind of seeking information to be more specific. Along with this, research also can be acknowledged as a procedure to refine or reshape the existing knowledge about something or some field of study that we already know.

Nursing research is an organised procedure that include the knowledge through the procedure of discovering different facts and relationship for caring the patients. It is aimed at improving the practices in nursing. Majority of the research include identification of original facts and establishing proper relationship among more than two facts. Within the procedure of systematic research or scientific investigation procedure the researchers’ interest will be solely dedicated to the profession of nursing. As an example, it can be said that, application of research in nursing enhances the procedure of treatment in more scientific manner. The course NRS433V also defines the importance of research in the field of nursing.

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Firstly, research in nursing procedure enhances the recognition of the requirement of nursing knowledge in the particular profession. Nurses are in more need of scientific knowledge as they deal with huge responsibilities within the organisation. Nursing interventions, their strengths and weaknesses also can be understood with the help of scientific research. secondly, research in the field of nursing helps to enhance the quality of nursing. It promotes different safeguards and interest factors of patient well being. Research in nursing also helps the nurses to know the proper strategies to deal with the family members of their clients.

Secondly, research in the nursing profession helps to establish a communal relationship within the field. It provides a justification to the nursing practice to determine the cost-effective relationship of providing treatment to the patients. Nurses are recognising the importance of research now a days more than ever. Research often helps to validate the knowledge of the nursing profession. Research helps to distinguish nursing as a particular profession instead of a mere service or occupation. Complying with the criterion of nursing profession, the person need to acquire a sound knowledge of the entire discipline or subject.

NRS433V also demonstrates a sound understanding of the evidence-based practice in the nursing profession. According to the researchers, evidence-based practice in the nursing profession is a comparatively new dimension. It is a procedure that helps the nurses to take a high-quality decision within the nursing procedure. Experts in the nursing profession include relevant research procedure existing for the selected topic. For example, if a nurse is dealing with a diabetic patient for the first time, he or she may utilise the procedure of evidence-based research procedure to understand the probable result of her treatment for the particular patient.

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Finally, the course deals with the understanding of scope of research in the nursing profession. The scope of nursing research is the broader scope within the professional field. Nursing education is associated with the limited aspect of patient care. Research in nursing education provides ample opportunities for the students to understand the health delivery system. Summarising the entire course, it can be said that, Nursing research is a crucial ingredient for the entire nursing practice. Research in nursing study enhances the knowledge and understanding of the nursing professionals. It bridges the knowledge gap between the professional understanding and educational understanding of nursing.

Location: Grand Canyon University, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: NRS433V

Brief of Assessment:

The assignment demands a proper format of report from the students. Students will be evaluated with the procedure of formative and summative assessment. Report writing is considered as the form of formative assessment. It will help the students to implement their knowledge and understanding within the real-world example.

Along with this, beginners in the nursing profession will be introduced with the basic concept of research. They will be assessed on the ground of their application of qualitative and quantitative research procedure. They will also be evaluated by determining their capability of implementing evidence-based practice or research in their report writing.

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Weightage of the NRS433V Course Code in the Semester:

The entire assignment comprised of a total hundred points. The marks is divided in different sections including – format, presentation of the report, utilising basic concept of research, connecting the role of research with the field of nursing and finally, submitting the entire assignment within time. Students will be given with two chances to submit their report.

The university provides huge importance to the course NRS433V as it orients the new nurses with the world of healthcare and nursing profession. Hence, it is the introductory phase for the new students of nursing studies and they can recognise the importance of research in their own field.

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