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NRS427VN Concepts In Community And Public Health Assessment Answers

NRS427VN Assignment Answers

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NRS427VN Task Answers:

This introductory course takes the mean policies as well as the political angle to healthcare and the main three issues which are related to healthcare.The three main persistent issues or access, cost as well as quality. The public health scenario along with the aspect of minority communities will also be taken in this course. This course is going to teach the students to differ in roles of the patients, hospitals physicians as well as the insurers and pharmaceutical companies which work in the healthcare industry. This course is going to look towards the interaction between the government and all these different groups and the dynamics of the groups.

This course is going to give a proper application of economic frameworks and models to demand as well as supply and see the interaction of these models in the medical industry. The influences which are on demand especially with the status of health and the coverage of insurance along with income will be analysed in this course. The decisions of medical practitioners on pricing from their own services and also on the advice that they offer to the patients about the services will also be considered in the course. The competition in medical industry and medical care markets especially for services in the hospital will also be researched in this course. This course is going to give a special emphasis on the government as the main regulator of medical care services.

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There will be proper changes in Medicare and regulation of management care and public policy issues related to them will be addressed.The present national healthcare policies and initiatives of the class members related to this policies will be seen. The course generally aims to give proper skills for analytical and critical thought process about the US healthcare system and the people who are functioning inside the US healthcare system. This course is also going to show the different effects of the changing environment in the healthcare industry on both the patients as well as the physician and the healthcare managers. This course is intended for undergraduate students with an interest in how the American economy is being organised and the government was planning how the healthcare industry is going to be operated in America. The course also relates to other healthcare courses which can take a perspective of the society and it focuses on individuals who have to participate in the healthcare enterprise.

This course does not have a freak recite an equally divided into modules which will many focus on the people who participate in the healthcare process and the structure of healthcare itself. This course is going to analyse the doctor as well as the patient and manager relationships with context of the patient doctor interaction and healthcare marketplace. Lastly it is also going to teach the students about the expensive technologies, resource allocation and morals and ethics which are related to the healthcare system especially in USA. This is going to help students in understanding the currency of your health care in America.

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Unit Details:

It is going to examine the whole structure of healthcare system in America and it will focus on financing, reimbursement as well as the delivery systems and adoption of new technologies in this industry. It will study the different roles of healthcare practitioners both in the public sector and the private sector and talk about insurance providers. This will  also delve into the recent research in economic and political scenario of the healthcare industry in America and show the quality as well as efficiency of medical services that are being given. The issues that will be addressed in this unit will be about the systems and the public, private sector mixes related to efficiency.

The questions of how the different systems deal with difficult choices such as decisions about technologies will also be studied in this unit. The overview of business of health and home there are a variety of healthcare organisations with a different business ideas will also be discussed. The political as well as the legal aspects of the healthcare industry will also be dealt into so that there is an overall research related to the healthcare industry of America.

Location: Grand Canyon University, USA

Course Code: NRS427VN  

Study Level: Post and Undergraduate

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Brief of Assessment:

The assessment is going to see whether the students can give special emphasis to the health system, strategic planning along with organisational structure, performance and change. It will also see whether the students are able to explain the political and legal issues which the healthcare industry of America is facing. We will be evaluated on their logical and concise writing styles along with the use of real-time examples from the healthcare system. The students have to have proper research and study about the governance in healthcare system and how the organisations have developed their missions. The students will also be evaluated on their knowledge of medical sciences and certain forms of symptoms for different diseases. They will also be examined on their utilisation of us to create an effective management skills which will be related to the healthcare system.

The students have to learn and execute the laws and ethics related to the healthcare economics in the industry and evaluate their examples with proper logical ethics related to healthcare.we have to show the trajectory of the industry and also have a hypothesis on how the industry might look after a few years.

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Weightage of this NRS427VN Course Code in Their Semester:

The weightage of the examinations are going to be 50% of the whole course and students have to score 50% marks in order to secure their percentage marks in the course. I also have to go to a practical project and presentation where we have to showcase the statistical aspects of the changing healthcare system in America. The students will be allowed to take a reassessment but it will only be allowed in those parts which are considered to be reversible by the teacher. The student also has to exam in the class test and the average of all the units in the course.

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