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NR283 Chamberlain University Assessment Answers

NR283 Assignment Answers

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NR283 Task Answers:

Pathophysiology or Physiopathology is considered to be a conjunction of physiology with pathology and it is mainly an analysis of the various muddled physiological processes which can cause, are a result of or can otherwise be associated with an injury or disease. Pathology is considered to be an effective medical discipline which aims at describing the conditions that are mainly observed at the time of a state of disease and on the other hand, physiology is considered to be a major discipline of biology that aims at describing the mechanisms or methods that have been operating within the organism. Pathology aims at describing the undesired or abnormal conditions and on the contrary pathophysiology tries to clarify various useful changes which have occurred within the individuals due to the pathological state or disease. Pathophysiology is considered to be a deranged function in the individuals or the organs due to the particular diseases.

For example, an alteration of pathophysiologic aspects can lead to changes in the functions as they are distinguished from the physical defects. Pathophysiology is mainly based on the involvement of the ongoing tissue and inflammatory processes that can aim at triggering by accumulation of the activated smooth cells of muscles and the accumulation of various oxidized lipids. The elementary process of pathological physiology is considered to be an effective experiment of pathophysiology. The major role played by this experiment is based on detecting the pathological method from the start to the end. The physician in this case is not able to trace any disease related to effective growth from the beginning to the end. Pathophysiology is derived from the juncture of two older or the related disciplines that include pathology related to suffering and pathos and physiology related to nature and physis. Pathology is considered to be the study and the finding of a particular disease with the help of examination of the tissues, cells, organs, tissues and the bodily fluids.

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Physiology is considered to be an analysis of the physical, mechanical and the biochemical purposes related to the living organisms. Pathophysiology together is considered to be a term that aims at referring to a detailed analysis of the abnormalities that are a part of the physiologic running of the various living beings. Pathophysiology aims at revealing thephysiologic replies of the organism related to disturbances in the internal or the external environment. As the humans are exhibiting the substantial levels of diversity, function and healthy structure that cannot be considered as precisely same for mainly the two individuals. However, the effective discovery of the expected and common responses related to the abnormalities related to physiologic functioning is considered to be usefuland it aims at allowingthe general predictionsrelated to clinical progression and identifying the probable causes and proper selection of the interventions whichare likely to be considered as highly helpful. Pathophysiology is thereby studied with respect to the classic or common presentations related to the disorders.

Descriptions related to the diseases were mainly built on the observations made by various individuals who have aimed at attracting the medical attention as they have displayed the irregular signs or have complained of the symptoms. Over the years many cases related to similar presentations had been well-known and the treatments that have been effective before had beenapplied again. In some of the cases, the various similarities amongstthe individuals have been able to point likely mutual causes. With the arrival of the more cultured measurements related to physiologic and the biochemical purpose, like, measurements of blood pressure, values related to blood chemistry, X-Ray imagesand the DNA Study and the extensive variability related to appearance of the diseases and the ailments within the population had started becoming quite outward based on the opportunities of discovering the diseases at previous stages before they were obvious in a clinical manner.

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The programs related to screening that have assessed the huge segments of population exposed the diversity and complexity of the disease appearance and in theindividuals with same genetic flaw. Thereby, while the study related to pathophysiology is essentially ananalysis of the expected and usual responses of a body to theprovided disruptions and individuals candifferm eaningfully from the classic performance and making the analytic method that is challenging and complex.Advances that have taken place in the pigenomicand genomic classification, revolutionary approaches and innovative technologiesto the studyrelated to genetic variation and functions that have made the treatments and studies possible which were not even conceivablesome years ago. As a result, the various descriptions related to the living world have been transformed virtually and can permeate all the branches related to biological science. The course code is a part of the units of Chamberlain University.


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Unit Details:

Location: Chamberlain University, United States

Study Level: Graduate and Post Graduate

Unit Code: NR283

Brief of Assessment:

The assessment aims at providing detailed knowledge to the students about the benefits related to this new biology mainly includes deeper levels of understanding related to evolution, better visions into the immune mechanismsand aroundall thedevelopment that has been made against cancer and attained immunod eficiency syndrome (AIDS). The genetic manipulation is also able to raise complex and sensitive moral and ethical questions that were not in existence around half century ago. The scientists have aimedat experimenting with the various genetic manifestations and the differentaction mechanisms, intensely changing the medical practice, particularly management of the inherited diseases. 

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Weightage of this NR283 Course Code in Their Semester:

The weightage that has been provided to this course code in their semester is 50%. The assessment aims at supporting the students so that they are able to understand the aspects of pathophysiology related aspects. The students will be able to provide their contributions in the medical field and can also aim at enhancing the operations of the medical organizations. The knowledge will be helpful for the students and their careers in the future.

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