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NHS4000 Dev Health Care Admin Assessment Answer

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NHS4000 Dev Health Care Admin

With the core intent of the course seeking to develop perspective surrounding healthcare, the tentative aim of the module is to understand the role of healthcare while deeming it as a considerate necessity for any human being. As much as the considerate issue of limited access to healthcare might seem to deny many patients the chance to access a quality medical care, it does seem to lead towards inflicting health issue.

In consideration of the United States, almost one-fourth of all individuals in that of United States do not seem to be provided better access to healthcare or a health center in order for them to be able to avail regular medical services. With children, as well as adults, seem to be the ones deemed as vulnerable, it consistently leads to many people being unable to access healthcare which in turn affects the healthcare industry as a whole.

As such, identification of limited access to healthcare seems to be the considerate issue based on which the overall course module is seemed to be based upon. On that aspect, the course study seems to entail the aspect of building as well as strengthening skills, knowledge as well as abilities being required to be able to succeed in a program as well as in the workplace. With that being state, the course sees to require students being led to engage in interactive activities in order for them to develop as well as demonstrate perspective surrounding healthcare.

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The considerate purpose of the module is not only to develop healthcare perspective for students but also expand the base of knowledge in order to attain successful academic stand. To that extent, the course incorporates the required skills as well as knowledge in order for students to utilize them and thereupon see to improve upon their literacy.     

Unit Details

The course has been designed as such that it sees to ensure learners being led to encounter both academic insights and relevant practical experience in similar extent. With a considerate aim of maintaining a balance between academic and practical knowledge, it engulfs the relevant scenario of healthcare in the sector of United States while stating the need for developing a positive and healthy perspective. To that extent, the course delves on subjects such as application of ethical principles, minimizing lack of healthcare accessibility while understanding the importance of medical services as a necessity.

As much as the sole purpose is to develop a positive perception surrounding healthcare, the considerate attempt is to emphasize on the underlying inconsistencies. Hence, the subject emphasizes on the relevant drawbacks being led to encounter in a healthcare institution while including in practices of discrimination to being a prevalent inconsistency in the workplace. As such, the learners being led to engage in interactive sessions wherein they are involved in certain activities that reflects on the present circumstances of the healthcare environment.

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In addition of being led to acquire a perspective on healthcare and expand upon academic strategies, the course involves in organizational framework while aiding students to develop skillset in critical thinking as well as letting one develop skill for problem solving. As a result, the learners are being also led to develop an understanding surrounding ethics as well as information literacy and follow up in taking adeptness over effective writing.

With the program being centered on the concept of developing perspective over the framework of healthcare, the course seems to emphasize insufficient as well as appropriate criteria for being aided towards making conclusions and thereupon establishing a plan of implementation.       


Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Study Level

Bachelor in health care administration

Unit Code


Brief of NHS4000Assessment

The considerate focus of the assignment is to improve upon the perspective surrounding healthcare that requires students enrolled in the core course to learn the significance of critical thinking and problem solving for it to be further applied in understanding ethics, gain literacy over information, and further be able to develop effective writing. However, the course seems to be limited and it can be enrolled only for learners in the school of nursing and health science.

Furthermore, it requires to be taken only during the first quarter of the learner and cannot be fulfilled by prior learning assessment or transfer. Based on that understanding, it tends to be important for students in their first learner years to be able to learn the skills of critical thinking while it being related for resolving all the relevant challenges such as workplace discrimination, lack of healthcare access and most importantly see to the rising expenditures of healthcare that is seeing to present a new issue of lack of affordability among one-fourth of the Americans including in women as well as children.

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To that extent, the course entails understanding the ethical practices that require to be enforced while imposing the obligation for each student to take part in all activities being slated for them. It also requires its learners to research all insights being supplied to them in order for them to improve their chance of achieving all the goals as well as stay aware of the related exercises.   

Weightage of the Module

While being enrolled among one of the core courses, out of the overall quarter credit of 42, NHS4000 entails quarter credit of 6 wherein each academic quarter is conducted only for three months. As much as there is a three week break between each quarter, the more courses being completed by one, the more chance it offers for one to graduate.

Aside from requiring to attain 6 quarter credit, it requires selecting an additional twenty-one credit quarter from available alternatives which are communication, natural science and mathematics, humanities, and social science. Hence, the quarter session being offered by NHS4000 based on developing perspective over healthcare sees to enable its learners in strengthening as well as building knowledge and thereupon bestow the required abilities as well as skills that are required to be able to succeed in the program as well as that of the workplace.

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