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MOD003486 Assessment Answer

Online MOD003486 managing human resources solution

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MOD003486 Managing Human Resources

Managing Human Resources is the course where the student would be able to understand the importance and need of HR (Human Resource) in an organization. This course is said to be one of the most basic courses that allow the student to have the knowledge and understanding about the organization behavior where managing the human resources is vital.

Human Resource is considered as the division of the business that generally changed with the screening, finding, training, and recruiting the job applicants, including the program of administering the benefit of the employee. Human Resource basically plays the primary role in assisting various companies and their departments in order to deal with the quick-changing environment of the business nowadays and a higher demand for professional employees in the 21st century.

MOD003486 will contribute to the professional development of the company where managing the business operation, and activities are very crucial. The role of the Human Resource is not only handling the external work-related assets of the employees but also to take care of the recruitment process as well as the dealing with the sudden of the workplace and taking that into consideration and making appropriate decisions.

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This course will also give the student order to have a clear idea about the Human Resource. The presence of the department of human resources in a business is a very essential component regardless of the size of the organization. The department of human Resources is generally tasked with increasing the protection and productivity of the employees of the company from any risks which may occur inside the work environment. The responsibilities of the human Resource basically incorporate the benefits and compensation, firing, recruitment, as well as keeping things up-to-date with the regulations and laws of the company that will affect the employees and the company itself.

In this unit, there are various aspects that are essential to the improvement of the knowledge of the student, such as how HR manages the internal as well as the external activities of the business, how they keep the workflow of the workplace maintained, and many more. The most essential part of HR is that it helps to manage and know how to use the people working within the company efficiently, provide the compensation to the competencies and provide the appraisal, develop the competencies which improve the organizational and individual performance, increase the creativity, flexibility, and innovation required to improve the competitiveness, and so on.

The human resource department also adopts several strategies related to HR that plays a very active role in order to improve the workforce of the organization. The HR may suggest the approaches, business solutions, and processes to the management of the company. Google is considered as one of the best examples of an organization that has been adopted a more appropriate approach in order to employee the relations with the help of their human resource department. The company basically provides lots of perks to the employee. The headquarters of the company has a massive range of facilities for the employees incorporating the roller hockey rinks, horseshoe pits, and wellness centres.

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For Google, it is said that happy employees are the same as productive employees. It has been found that by the start of the 20th century, there are few companies that have started outsourcing few transactional human resource functions traditional administration in an effort in order to free the department to implement and recommend the company more value-added, a meaningful program that will reasonably impact the overall business. The functions that are sourced from outside incorporate the employee benefits, administration of payroll, background checks, recruitments, office policies, safety inspection, dispute resolution, risk management, and exit interviews. The utilization of advanced tools like the software used for recruitment can also give the department of HR more leeway just by enhancing their efficiency.

This unit will also cover the wide range of tools that are used in order to help the human Resource so that HR can manage their work within the workplace appropriately. There are many technologies that provide solutions to help the organization manage their daily activities of the human resource appropriately.

The processes of HR are driven by compliance, and performing them traditionally is time-consuming, arduous, and cumbersome. The tools of HR leverage the automation power allowing the staff of the human resource to save time, manage their employees, and cut the costs efficiently. The tools are developed in such a way so that it can handle all the processes of HR, from new hire requests in order to an employee to exit the interviews. Depending upon the organization, the requirement can be either opt for the HR software that addresses the daily administrative tasks such as the timesheet management, vacation management, etc. They can opt for the software that handles the strategic areas of HR, such as performance and recruitment management. Deciding the appropriate tool for HR is a complex process, and hence there are several assessments and planning involved.

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Unit Details

Location: Cambridge, England

Study Level: Lab tests, online tutorials, short online tests

Unit Code: MOD003486

Brief of MOD003486 Assessment

Mid-Term Examination à In this type of examination, the student needs to take a short question test where the questions are based on the courses.

Case Study Examination à In this type of examination, the student needs to take a test based on a case study in a group. Lastly, they need to prepare a presentation on the solution and present them.

Lab Examination à In this type of examination, the student needs to take a practical test in their lab in their system where they need to submit the output to the examiner.

Final Examination à In this type of examination, the student needs to take long questions within the period provided to them.

Weightage of The Course Code MOD003486

10% for the mid-term examination

10% for the case study examination

20% for the lab examination

45% for the final examination

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