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MN621 Advanced Network Design Assessment Answers

MN621 Assignment Answers

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MN621 Task Answers

MN621 is a course code that is offered by the Melbourne Institute of Technology, located in Melbourne, Australia, that is focused on teaching Advanced Network Designs. Students who enrol in the course code are taught basic designs, configurations pertaining to spanning tree protocol, concepts as well as virtual LANs. The unit also encompasses different types of learning units like design concepts for WAN, testing along with troubleshooting in both WAN and LAN, configuration and routing protocols, and also gaining understanding regarding the internet of things.

Some of the documents that are required for students to submit to the University to enrol in the course is to submit a copy of the completion of the previous studies that comprises of aware certificates or can also be a transcript that confirms the completion of the previous degree.

Proof of identity, for instance, a passport or a birth certificate pertaining to citizenship also need to be submitted. Students are also expected to submit evidence of English language skills if are coming from a non-English speaking country for which they will have to pass the IELTS test. The overall IELTS score needs to be approximately 6 and should not be less than 5.5. Proof of permanent residency for students born overseas also needs to be submitted.

Students, to apply for the course, need to use a direct University portal to submit their applications and documents. Domestic applicants, applying for the course code are required to be at least 17 years of age while they apply for the course.

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Unit Details:

The core units consist of 12 units in total, which helps in addressing the learning outcomes of the course and will also help in complementing other courses in a similar field that will be aimed at developing the specialized knowledge of students within the network architecture.

Some of the topics that will be covered by the unit are as follows

  • Concepts of LAN design and configuration, spanning tree protocol along with virtual LANs.
  • Concepts along with configurations of WAN designs: Routing protocols.
  • Testing as well as troubleshooting pertaining to the networks of LAN and WAN.
  • Enterprise Networks: Software-defined networks and also the internet of things.

Some of the learning outcomes that will be achieved by students on the completion of the course are as follows:

  • Students on the completion of the course will be able to analyse the need revolving around advanced networks, network solutions, and also standards.
  • Students will also be able to investigate some suitable designs of networks that will help in matching the requirements.
  • Enrolling in the course code will help students to create proper frameworks along with standards meant for the implementation of networks.
  • Apart from this, from the unit learnings, students will also be able to apply concepts as well as theories pertaining to human factors that are related to implementation along with network designs.
  • Additionally, students will also be able to evaluate performance metrics as well as dimensions regarding different specifications.

Location: Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: MN621

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Brief of the Assessment:

With precise assistance as well as supportive learning offered by the professionals along with tutors and assignment experts, students will be able to learn their course concepts in a professional way that will help them to get in touch with some of the finest learning assistance. The university does not only focus on making students learn from textbooks but also believes in making students learn some relevant as well as effective practical skills.

Some of the essential elements which encompass within the code that help in measuring and evaluating skills along with knowledge pertaining to scholars are:

  • To determine the need for advanced networks, standards along with solutions.
  • Helps in analysing accurate network designs to match the needs
  • Helps students to create correct frameworks as well as standards for network implementations.
  • It will help students to analyse performance metrics.
  • Students will also learn to analyse concepts and different types of theories pertaining to human factors that are related to network designs as well as implementations.

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Weightage of the Course code in their Semester

The course code of MN621, which is offered by the Melbourne Institute of Technology carries huge weight in their semester as it will help students to plan, test, design, troubleshoot as well as configure both local networks as well as the area of wide networks. Students will be able to gain thorough knowledge pertaining to switching, routing concepts, practical knowledge along with the configuration of network elements like routers and switches.

At the same time, it should also be noted that students will also be able to choose from a range of career pathways by developing knowledge and skills taught during the course. Apart from this, students who learn the course code from the Melbourne Institute of Technology will be able to successfully gain a hands-on industry experience where the university guarantees that they make their students ready to face the real and challenging world which thereby increases their chances of career pathways.

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The work-integrated learning that is offered by the University will help in preparing students for a career in the industry that will help in evolving their skills. Apart from this, students will also be offered internships, industry-based simulations, experiential learning as well as capstone projects that help in developing the skills and knowledge of students.

Career services are also offered to students like one-on-one coaching, events as well as workshops that will help them to land on their dream jobs which will thereby help in increasing their chances of career pathways. Some students who have learnt within the course code are successfully able to get recruited by major employers, some work in significant agencies and others have gained effective as well as efficient experience which will thereby help them to excel in their career.

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