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MN601 Network Project Management Assessment Answers

MN601 Assignment Answers

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MN601 Task Answers

Network Project Management is one of the six basic components in the Diploma Program known as the Graduate diploma of Networking (GDNet) and the twelve core units in the Master of Networking / Master of Engineering programmes. This unit covers the educational objectives of the MNet and Meng (Tel) programs and supports other programs in a relevant sector by expanding students' understanding of ICT managing projects. The AQF Standard 8 (GDNet) and Level 9 (MNet and MEng (Tel)) programs include this module.

This lesson gives learners the skills and information they need to handle network activities efficiently. Professional practise in the framework of networking initiatives is covered. Case reports are used in this unit, which tracks initiatives from start to finish.

The curriculum also captures the essential areas of information recognised by the Project Management Institution's project administration body of understanding. The division improves understanding by conducting in-depth analyses of frequent challenges that project crew members confront on a regular basis, as well as methods to reduce these challenges. In the field of contemporary corporate case reports, this course teaches students understand how project attributes and operation differ.

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Graduates with the understanding of the extent and practical expertise necessary to land a rewarding position in this rapidly expanding sector. The lower-class sizes ensure that every student receive the assistance they require and that the lessons are more interesting. The course curriculum also improves knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It helps to adapt our education to each pupil; we employ an academic assistance programme called InSPIRE. Our program is built on problem-solving in the actual world. Work-Integrated Education has a solid standing at Melbourne Institute of technology and finally, the student understands how to evaluate and fortify internet networks using the most up-to-date techniques.

The fellow graduate might work in one of the following jobs if they choose a networking profession:

  • Chief Security Officer,
  • System Analyst,
  • Connectivity Analyst,
  • Crime scene investigation Analyst,
  • Data Security Auditor,
  • Permeation Analyzer,
  • Security Design professional,
  • IT Security Technologist,
  • Electronic Security Supervisor,
  • IT Security Analyst,
  • Communications Networker,
  • Mobile Software Developer,
  • Technical Support Manager,
  • Chief Information Officer.

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Unit Details:

Location: Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: MN601

Brief of the Assessment:

The preceding subjects will be covered in this group module:

  • Method of project management
  • Project start-up and preparation
  • Project planning, resourcing, and budgeting
  • Quality control, risk assessment, and ethics are all important aspects of every project.
  • Integrating and closing of managing projects

Learners ought to be able to demonstrate the ability after completing this module:

  1. Project planning and management abilities may be used as a significant instrument, structure, or approach for corporate expansion.
  2. Exhibit project management abilities; analyze and evaluate risk in the planning and execution of a big project;
  3. Examine application of program management principles, studies, philosophy, and practise objectively.
  4. Preparation, management, supervision, collaboration, and general awareness are all successful ways to organize and coordinate work.
  5. Compare and contrast several ICT managed services solutions.

Organizations are rapidly moving away from specialised IT groups and toward multi-skilled, interdisciplinary teams. Companies are looking for students who really can think creatively, collaborate effectively, and solve challenges to generate expense enterprise solutions.

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And that is the reason why, in the industrial projects, we place a strong emphasis on involvement education and the development of industry contacts for all students. These components are intended to give you hands-on experience of working for a customer in the sector.

  • When a student communicates and cooperate with a group of their colleagues, they will develop important soft skills such as leading a group, collaboration, and persuasion.
  • High-level investigation, research, and improvement methods are carried out.
  • Use analytical and tactical talents to solve complicated real-world situations.

Master of Networking graduates should have knowledge base that displays an awareness of state-of-the-art networking advancements such as being aware of current changes in the field of employment or study, with understanding of research concepts and methodologies. They should also have ability to study, analyse, and synthesise complicated information, be able to research and assess critical network technologies and use them successfully in an organisation along with the ability to produce and analyse complicated concepts and ideas.

Also, defend theoretical concepts, methodology, and conclusions, communication abilities are required that acts as a prerequisite’s talents in impact on the operations, evaluation, implementation, analysis, and theorising.

Mastery of scientific data, reflective thinking on them, and practise are used to develop critical reasoning and problem-solving abilities are important in order to face complicated new challenges. the student must understand hypothesises, procedures, and results to dispute about design, appraisal, and observation of advancements. Being able to perform professional work independently and with a high degree of certainty and responsibility is another important factor that needs to be focussed upon. 

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Weightage of the MN601 Course Code in the Semester:

This module is based on the class test series that has high weightage on the course as a whole. This module consists of a variety of evaluation mythology that is categorized below.

Highest weightage of MN601 on this module for the semester is affected by the 2 hours long exam scheduled at the end of the semester. It has a 45% weightage when compared to other task assessment methods. The final examination also deals with all the five learning outcomes proposed earlier in this section.



Learning Outcome Number



Credit Points




Lecture time (hours)




Laboratory time (hours)




PBL tutorial time (hours)




Total work-load (hours)




Mid-term Test




Individual based case study analysis and evaluation. The student is expected to contribute 1000 words for this assessment.

2 and 3



Group project/assignment with presentation. The student is expected to contribute 1800 words for this assessment.

2, 3 and 4



Submission of laboratory-based problem-solving assignment.

1, 2, 3, 4 and 5



Final examination-based evaluation (2 hours)

1,2,3,4 and 5


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