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MN504 Networked Application Management Assessment Answers

MN504 Assignment Answers

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MN504 Task Answers

The code MN504 is for the core unit Networked Application Management and it is for the Melbourne Institute of Technology in Sydney Australia. The course has 12 units in which the learning outcomes and the complements of these units can be considered as a field for specialized knowledge and applying skills for network applications. The students will learn about the course in terms of applying network management skills as well as network applications in relevance to learning about different networking equipment.

The equipment that are being talked about in this course are switches, servers and routers and these are essential in terms of teaching the students in regards to their knowledge and skills development ensuring the effectiveness of the lessons. The course is inclusive of an overview of networked applications, teaches the students about architecture of network applications as well as web-based applications. It is important to understand that in this course the students receive information and knowledge based on application management as well as performance issues.

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It not only contributes to their understanding of specifications, integration, deployment and update regarding secured applications but also about how networks work in relation to heterogenous technologies and platforms. The students are being taught about application deployment as well as the learn about emerging trends in networked application management does it provides a better understanding and learning objective in terms of acquiring knowledge and skills.

Unit Details:

In this unit various technologies has been compared and the students will learn about the different standards based on which networked application management works. The students will be able to understand the application of Socio technical context in accordance to modern network applications and their management. Students will not only be able to understand but also apply the Socio technical contacts effectively leading to utilisation of common and emerging trends in types of middleware.

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These are designed in terms of managing network applications so that the students learn to effectively implement them in their future professional and personal sphere. The students are also able to analyse issues in performance and deployment when it comes to networked applications as well as implement their acquired knowledge and skills to effectively develop networked applications.

Comparing efficient industry tools and their appropriate implementation is also another aspect of this course that is being taught to the students in terms of them learning to use and manage networked applications. These techniques not only contributes to the students understanding of the course that also helps them acquire a practical understanding and implementation process of this course. This course is significant in terms of the students being able to learn the virtualization of network performance considering the technology is majorly based on the websites.

It is therefore, majorly depending on the way the students can understand their opportunity of learning about tools that will help them understand different types of networked applications as well as managing them in terms of their performance and identifying any issues from it.

Location: Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: MN504

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Briefs of Assessment:

The learning outcomes evaluated in terms of the assessments that the students take are the comparison, application, utilization and analysis of the networked application management. Effective implementation of technologies and standards in terms of networked applications can be evaluated through these assessments so that the performance in relation to the issues can be resolved in terms of identifying the risks and intervening in them.

The first assessment is based on performing a literature review on network management and applications and the modern trends related to it. The students are asked to analyse common trends and types of middleware that are emerging in terms of managing networked applications and design. To write a report that will discuss and analyse the provided topic in terms of learning about network performance management, of management, monitoring as well as analysis of a diagram and troubleshooting process.

The second assessment has two parts where the first part is to write a report based on general statistics of all six captures in terms of home networks and their implementation. The three important aspect of this part is to understand the time of capture, total number of captured packets and IP addresses of the client and server. The second part of this assessment is inclusive of applications that the students will provide with complete analysis of understanding websites and the tree networks at work in tandem of the three aspects throughput, round-trip time and TCP retransmissions.

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Weightage of the MN504 Course Code in the Semester:

The total weightage of the code MN504 for the unit of Networked Networked Application Management is 50% end and it is significant for the specific understanding and learning of techniques that will contribute to understanding network application management. This code is not only contributes to providing a better learning of the students in terms of their knowledge and skills but also for future use.

There is a mid-semester exam which has a weightage of 10% and there are two assessments based on which the students’ performance can be evaluated. Apart from the assessments there are laboratory and problem based learning participation and submission process in which the students have to perform well because it has a weightage of 10% and lastly the students have to sit for the final examination which is of two hours duration and consists of 50% of the total weightage.

All work submitted in this course must be original and the standards of the university should be maintained by the students so that it contributes to their learning and implementation of knowledge and skills.

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