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MKTG101 Marketing Fundamentals Assessment Answer

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MKTG101 Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing management is an organisational discipline that focuses on the application of marketing orientation, methods, and techniques within a business concern, in regard to the management of the organisation’s marketing activities and resources. It is a process of overseeing and planning new product development, advertising, promotions, and sales. Through marketing management, businesses control their marketing aspects, set goals, organises the plans and programs of the company, set by set, for making decisions for running the organisation.

It involves the strategies, analyses, and tools required for promoting a business concern. In this regard, businesses use marketing management techniques to find out the needs of that business concern in order to identify and build a consumer base. Marketing management is an essential part of how a company grows and carries out its business plan. The study of marketing management holds the potential to convert a probable customer into an actual one.

This is only possible by satisfying the customer’s by giving them exactly what they want or what they need, through the most convenient channel, in the right way and at the right time. Marketing management involves reflecting on the impact of past marketing campaigns and customer outreach efforts, using customer feedback and sales trends to adjust a company’s overall marketing plan.

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Unit details

Location: United States of America

Study level: Postgraduate

Unit code: MKTG101

Degree: MBA

Institution: University of Pennsylvania

Briefs of MKTG101 Assessment

This MBA program focuses on developing your knowledge in marketing strategy and change management. This course meets the needs of industry and is accredited by the Institute of Data and Marketing and the Institute of Leadership & Management. It gives a stable grounding in the field of marketing management, which would be including practical and live projects. The students shall have the flexibility of following their professional interests by engaging with the sector of their choice, from retail to travel, to professional services to data modeling.

In this course, the students must get hold of an internship with a company of their choice (the UK or overseas) where they would be able to apply their knowledge and gain practical experience. They will emerge with the experience and expertise to embark on managerial roles in marketing and the transferable skills to make an impact in any organisation.

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The course would run through two years of detailed study, which will be divided into year 1 and 2, ending with a mandatory dissertation.

University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School of Business under the University of Pennsylvania offers an intensive MBA program emphasizes a flexible core in general business education, plus the depth of 19 majors along with nearly 200 electives. The aspirants will select a pathway through content areas based on the education, career experience, and goals. The students could customize their learning not just through selection of their electives and majors, but through choices in the core.


  • Second Class Honours degree 2:2 or above in appropriate subject that has an applied quantitative element.
  • Other equivalent degree is welcomed given that the students could show appropriate level of understanding and experience in such degree.
  • Students without formal qualification is welcomed, provided that they could show ability to understand the course work and modules.

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Students who are nationals of the USA are eligible to apply. International students may also apply for this course, ensuring that they comply with other necessary criteria.

English Proficiency Requirement

Proof of English language proficiency is required for admission to the college if English is not your country’s primary language.

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) - recommended iBT score of 80 or higher; 550 on paper based TOEFL.
  • An IELTS score of 6.5 (having a minimum of 6 in every component of the test) or equivalent shall be mandatory, if English is not the first language of the applicant.
  • Cambridge A-Level English (Non-ESL) grade of C or higher.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma- Completion of the IB diploma program
  • IB score of 5 or higher on the English Language and Literature exam (if applicant hasn’t completed IB Diploma program

COVID Precautions

The institution encourages both online and offline classes given the present pandemic situation. The institution strives to ensure safety and good health of the students, teaching and non-teaching staffs, thus explicitly professing the norms of wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and frequent use of sanitisers.

COVID Safe Learning

Acknowledging the fact that the pandemic is still lurking around, the institution is, however, allowing students to attend classes from the campus for 2022- 2023 courses. In accordance with the guidelines laid down by the government, the institution is committed to complying with all the necessary norms for ensuring the safety of all persons involved in the process of teaching and learning.

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Weightage of MKT501 Course

Year 1

  • Academic English for Postgraduates (Business)
  • Strategic Finance (15 credits)
  • Data Analytics for International Business Decisions (15 credits)
  • Inside the Customer's Mind (15 credits)
  • Global Marketing and Emerging Issues (15 credits)
  • Corporate Communications (15 credits)
  • Research Methods (15 credits)
  • Strategic Marketing Management (30 credits)
  • Digital Marketing (30 credits)
  • Dissertation Project (30 credits)
  • Transformational Leadership through Transversal Skills

Year 2

Students are required to study the following compulsory modules.

  • Professional Practice (60 credits)
  • Dissertation/Research Project (EU) (30 credits)

Career Opportunities

As the aspirants advance into managerial roles, their salaries get better. The top-paying marketing careers include the following opportunities to be: product management director, senior product management director, vice president of marketing, group product manager, and product marketing director. Marketing managers may take on different roles depending on where they work. Others may be more involved with branding and design or copywriting.

Some other common career opportunities are as follows:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Brand Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Advertising/Promotion Manager
  • Media Planner
  • Media Buyer
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Digital Marketer

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