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MKT600 Principles of Marketing Assessment Answers

MKT600 Assignment Answers

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MKT600 Task Answers

The course MKT600 Principles of Marketing is conducted at the Laureate International Universities which is located in United States. This course mainly introduces the students to the important factors and the risks that is associated with the concepts of contemporary marketing. It will also talk about a number of approached which designed mainly for the students as they begin to develop an advanced level of appreciation with respect to the tools which are important strategically and is freely available within the market. The course thus introduces the students to a number of techniques and frameworks with respect to marketing which when implied effectively can help in the overall growth of a company.

This MKT600 course is mainly aimed at providing the students with an understanding of how critical skills can be applied and the way in which effective marketing can be carried out om different environment. In addition, the students will also have an understanding of the skills of marketing that can be placed effectively. The students will clearly be exposed to the knowledge which would help them in engaging in the marketing management sphere in general.

They will also be equipped with the practical skills that are applicable for the marketing management process in general. This course will also teach the students about a number of strategies with respect to the development of the products and also in the management of the products that is to be presented in the market which would also need the marketing of the products.

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Thus, the students form an understanding about the ways in which different strategies can be formulated and how each of the strategy is going to influenced by a number of internal and external factors. They will also form a deep understanding about the services that can be transferred across the entire industry. An important aspect of this course is that the students will be introduced to a range of marketing and management tools which can be applied in order to increase the output for the organisation. The students will form an understanding about the marketing tools which is majorly derived from the IT and the application of the same will also be taught to them.

The strategies would typically include the strategies of digital marketing and that of social media. Apart from being proposed these strategies are also often put to test within this course only to evaluate the efficiency of the strategies. The ethical application of the marketing strategies will also be covered within this course and they will also be controlled to a great extent. The implementation of the strategies will also be tested to a great extent in this course. Thus, by the end of this course the students will form an understanding of the entire subject.

Unit Details:

Location: Laureate International Universities, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: MKT600

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Brief of Assessment:

The assessment is mainly segregated into three parts where each of the first two parts are given equal weightage within this course and the third part holds more weightage. The first two parts are given twenty five percent of the total course and the last part is given thirty percent of the total course. The first part of the assessment is mainly focused at testing the ability of the students to apply the knowledge and the concepts that is gained by them throughout this course.

This part mainly expects the students to present their created ppt which is based on the theoretical part of the course. The students are supposed to be creating a power point presentation which would state the important theories, concepts and framework. In addition, it would also elaborate on the important concepts and terminologies with respect to this very course. The second part of the assessment is mainly focused at providing a test which would be solely based on the application of the theories and frameworks learnt throughout this course.

In other words, the students will have to apply all the knowledge that is gained by them throughout the course. They will have to sit for a mid-term test which would expect the students to solve a number of case studies. The final part of the assessment which holds the maximum amount of weightage is going to be a written test. The students in this case will have to set for a written test and this test will be on the creation of an effective report. The students here will have to create a report which would be based on the information gathered by the students throughout this course as well as the information that the students gather from the ground level.

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Weightage of the MKT600 Course Code in the Semester:

This course does hold importance within this semester. Since the entire semester is based on the idea of equipping the students with an in-depth knowledge and a core understanding of the process of management and marketing, this course does hold importance to the semester. The course brings to the forefront a number of key concepts with respect to marketing and management as well. It helps the students in gaining a conceptual understanding about the different frameworks and the theories as well which helps in the personal growth of the students in general.

This course is going to ensure that the students do have a distinct understanding of when a certain framework or concepts can be put to use based on the environment in which the company is placed. Effective strategies are also taught to be formulated within this course which can be helpful to the students in the long run as well. This course opens a number of opportunities for the students with respect to their profession. While there is great amount of competition within the market with respect to getting the best possible opportunity, this course can act as an addition to the qualities of the students professionally.

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