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MKT4A2 Marketing Management Assessment Answer

Online Marketing Management Assessment Answer

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MKT4A2 Marketing Management

The purpose of the MKT4A2 course is to provide the students with a range of fundamental concepts related to strategic marketing. The students are introduced to the aspects that shape up the initial idea about marketing and its range of associated dimensions. As a subject, marketing is related to a range of critical aspects that collectively create the perception of a product or service among the intended groups of consumers.

The MKT4A2 course ensures that the students are familiarized with the application of marketing techniques across a range of industries. Ideally, the course should enable the students to apply the theoretical tools related to marketing in any identified industry. The shifts in the external environment of a business enterprise and the overall impact on the marketing and promotional strategies of an organization or industry are among the key learning outcomes of the course.

The course further familiarizes students with a range of theoretical frameworks that would help in the strategic analysis of the scope and breadth of marketing. The marketing management strategic tools, in this context, will include analysis of the target consumer segment, feasibility of the internal resources of an organization in terms of marketing strategy implementation, budget allocation, among other factors.

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The strategic tools related to the analysis of the external environment of a business organization and the overall impact on the marketing strategy is also a key learning outcome of the overall course. Moreover, the course relies on an approach based on the alignment of the theoretical and practical applications, related to marketing management.

Each of the critical dimensions including product, place, price and promotion will be integrated as part of the overall course. The range of dimensions will be assessed to ensure collective marketing management infrastructure. The course will help the students to understand the correlations and dependency among the various dimensions related to marketing management.

One of the most significant learning outcomes is the necessary knowledge and expertise related to the designing of a logical marketing plan. Ideally, a student has to be equipped with the knowledge related to the integral factors associated with the development and designing of a marketing plan. The course also provides a platform to gain knowledge in terms of the range of available media and the pattern of adoption. As a future manager, one of the core areas of expertise should be to ensure an optimal combination of the range of media alternatives. In this context, the feasible budget and financial aspects related to marketing plan implementation have to be designed by the student in the long run. The knowledge and concrete idea about the target consumer segments is also considered among the fundamental aspects of the overall marketing management.  

The impact of the external environment will also be focused upon through the course. The changing preferences and demands among the target consumers and the associated impact on the overall marketing management should also be considered among the key learning outcomes. The overall assessment is designed to introduce the fundamental concepts and practical applications related to marketing management.  

Unit Details

The unit focuses on a range of fundamental aspects related to marketing management. One of the key aspects, in this context, is related to the identification of the principles of marketing. A range of retail segments is focused upon to highlight the application of the principles. The overall marketing management unit focuses on the key aspects of brand perception and identity.

The correlation between the overall brand equity and marketing management is established through the unit. The selection and application of media is highlighted among the core aspects of marketing management. The assessment of the internal resources of an organization and the impact on the trajectory of marketing managers will also be highlighted.

Location: Regent University, London

Study Level: Postgraduate

Unit Code: MKT4A2 

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Assessment MKT4A2 Brief

One of the core assessment criteria will be based on the knowledge of the students related to the fundamental aspects of marketing management. Ideally, the students should be equipped with the expertise to correlate the theories of marketing management with real-life scenarios. A range of case studies will be offered to assess the application of the skills in this context.

Moreover, the students will be assessed based on their ability to display critical thinking in terms of providing solutions related to marketing management issues. Real-life scenarios from a range of sectors will be provided to the students. The assessment will be based on the application of the theoretical knowledge and aligning those with the provided context. The quality of knowledge application will be one of the key assessment criteria.

The students will be assessed based on their expertise related to conducting thorough marketing research. The assessment criteria, in this context, will include the quality of research, selection of marketing research databases, and the overall alignment with the provided context. Moreover, the marketing management unit will focus on the ability of the students to design an effective promotional mix framework, as part of the overall course.

The promotional mix criteria will rely on a range of aspects related to the designing and understanding of the core product offerings of an organization and understanding the mindset of the target consumers. The students will be further expected to reflect a clear understanding of the correlations of the external environment and the scope of marketing management implementation within an organization.

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Weightage of MKT4A2 Course in Semester

The overall assessment will consist of learning modules that are intricately related to marketing management. The modules will include marketing theory and practice, applications of marketing research, marketing environmental analysis and promotional strategy, media selection, and analysis. Each of the modules will be associated with equal and uniform weightages. Each of the modules will be integral, connected and coordinated.

Collectively, the students will be expected to qualify in each of the modules to qualify. The minimum qualification criterion for each of the modules will be 50%. The overall modules will be divided into theoretical coursework and practical assessments. The theoretical assessments will carry a weightage of 70% and the practical assessments will carry a weightage of 30%.  The full-time course will require students to attend regular classes.

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