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MKG315 Consumer Behaviours Assessment Answer

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MKG315 Consumer Behavior

This code states consumer behaviour, which is the study of individuals, groups or the organisation, along with all the other activities which are related to purchase, use as well as disposal of the services and goods. Consumer behaviour includes the factors of consumers’ emotions, attitudes and preferences that affect the buying behaviour. This course is extremely important for the students as it will provide the students with a knowledge of different types of behaviour of the customers. The students will learn about different concepts and theories behind consumer behaviour and how it plays a vital role in influencing the organisational setting.

In MKG315 course, the students will learn about different concepts and theories which is vital for the smooth functioning of the business. This course will provide the students with knowledge about how the professional world is undergoing some of the significant changes in order to maintain consumer loyalty. Therefore, students will be introduced to several types of concepts of segmentation, positioning, market research, consumer decision-making process and more to make them understand about both the internal and external business environment. It is very significant for the future industry aspirants, which are the students to understand the concepts of consumer behaviour not only to work successfully as a team but also to achieve a higher managerial position in well-known companies.

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This course is provided by Grantham University which is well known for its academic excellence and guidance, that it provides to its students to help them successfully complete their degrees. Therefore, the course design and structure are well planned and strategic in nature and has put focus on enhancing the theoretical knowledge along with practical implementation with the help of projects and weekly assignments.

Unit details:

This course is divided and subdivided into various units so that the students can understand easily. The topics have also been chosen specifically for a detailed understanding of consumer behaviour for the constant growth and success of the company. The course includes an introduction to the study of consumer behaviour, marketing research and consumer behaviour, marketing segmentation and positioning, consumer decision-making process, models of consumer behaviour, psychological influence and consumer behaviour, sociological influences of consumer decision-making, organisational buying, consumer behaviour analysis and marketing strategy.

The reason which the course has been divided and subdivided into several units is to enable an easy and simple understanding for all the students and reduce the stress levels. In addition to this, the proper focus has been put on designing the units with real business case studies and sufficient examples to make the students relate to theoretical concepts. These units have focused on enhancing the overall skills of students so that they can understand consumer behaviour for the success of the company. Industry visits and projects are also a vital component for this course as it helps to understand the behaviour of customers in an organisational setting.

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Therefore, the main focus of this course is to help the students get a detailed knowledge of these topics from the course so that they can be industry-ready.

Location: Grantham University

Study level: Graduate-level course.

Unit code: MKG315

Brief of MKG315 Assessment:

This assessment has put focus on developing the creative abilities of students which will help them to survive in the competitive business world of the future. There has been a week wise division of the whole unit which will help the professors to understand whether the students have actually understood about different concepts or not.

There will be mid- term examinations scheduled in between several units which will help the students to gain a better clarity of the whole course. The arrangement of course has been done so that the students can get theoretical knowledge along with practical understanding. The topics have also been arranged in a systematic manner which will help the students to understand the course from the simplest level.

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Nowadays, every company puts their focus on the needs and preferences of their customers in order to be successful in the market. Therefore, with the help of this course the student will be able to understand the different needs and preferences of different types of customers which will help them to succeed in the industry in which they are working. Tests and weekly assignments are also included in the unit to make it interesting and interactive.

In addition to this, the course unit also includes Speaker presentation and guest lectures where the industry experts will be invited, who will share their real-life business experiences focusing on the topic of consumer behaviour. A study guide will also be provided to the students so that they can improve their understanding of the overall course. The course material is presented in a simplified manner so that students from any background can easily opt for this graduation degree without facing any major challenges. Taking this course seriously will make the students to get into a good and reputed company.

Weightage of the MKG315 code in The Semester:

The overall course is the full time which is provided by Grantham University, where the weightage of each semester is hundred per cent. The examinations will carry around 80% of the weightage and 20% will be given to the students for their weekly assignments.

There will be two-semester examinations along with group projects which will help the students to understand the loopholes through which it can be improved. It is significant for the students to score a minimum mark of 40% to pass the semester and get promoted to the next one.

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As this course is full time, the university demands the students to regularly attend classes and online lectures along with securing the basic percentage of grades in order to get promoted to the next semester in each of the academic years. Also, it is very important for the students to put emphasis on dissertations and group projects because it will be vital for successfully completing the university course. The examinations will either be conducted through offline mode or through online mode where the marks will be the same.

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